My favorite MS bloggers!

I have my list of all my favorite MS Blogs and I thought I would make this page to share them all with you. If you are one of those lurking in the dark kinda readers and you have a blog I sure would love to read it! So feel free to leave a comment and share you blog.

So in alphabetical order, I present my favorite bloggers:

Blindbeard at Blindbeard's Multiple Sclerosis Blog. I could be in the worst mood ever and read some of the posts on this blog and just laugh...

Dave at Dave's Magical Brain. Not going to lie, I am in love with how his blog looks. Pure and utter jealousy. After saying that I will say that Dave offers a real look into his world and everything he is going through with MS. Plus, there aren't that many guys blogging about MS so its always nice to get a male perspective.

Denver Refashionista at Living! With MS. The fact that she teaches yoga inspire me...I throughly enjoy reading her blogs.

Emms at Emms' Bits. I really enjoy this blog because I kinda feel like when I read it I am learning something new. Its always interesting to read about different experiences with MS drugs other than Tysabri. Plus Emms just has a really positive outlook on everything.

Heather at This Is Not an Exit. I guess I find Heather's blog interesting because she hasn't been diagnosed with anything yet...doctors are trying to sort everything out and its a totally different look at the process that I guess I passed over when I was diagnosed so quickly. Heather's blog always has music and for that I love it.

Herrad at Access Denied - Living with MS. Herrad is truly an inspiration to anyone with MS and she is one of the most optimistic bloggers around.

Jenny at Jenny Has MS. OK so maybe its because she is from my home town...but I really enjoy Jenny's blog.  I feel like a lot of the issues that Jenny is dealing with, all of us are too. It kinda helps remind me that even though someday you feel a bit alone with MS there is always someone going through the same thing as you are.

KOS! Keep On S'myelin! Cutest blog title ever. Full of positivity this blog is always a great one to visit.

Lisa at Carnival of MS Bloggers. Without Lisa, I would not even have this list to compile. One day I made the decision to email her and ask if my blog could be added to her list of bloggers and as much as that idea freaked me out it probably was the best decision I made with my blog. Lisa's blog is a must for anyone who is curious about MS or who has it.

Lauren at Living With MS. If you are on Tysabri or even thinking about Tysabri this is the place for you. Lauren had her 45th Tysabri infusion and is still going strong. She is like the know it all about Tysabri and best yet she will help answer your questions about Tysabri.

Norma at Norma Lee Good. Super cute and awesome ideas for like everything.

Paul at The End of the World Will Have to Wait Until Next Year. I swear if I didn't read this blog I would know practically nothing about anything going on in the world of MS.

Sherry at World Salads. If I could have a blogger hero, Sherry would be it. I love her honesty and I love her blog.

Tara at Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis. A lot of us can relate to Tara and her story, like all of ours, is different but once again its a reminder that there is always someone going through the same things as you.