Friday, April 30

It feels so weird...

Yesterday at approx. 5:32 PM I finished my undergraduate college career. Yup, I am all done. Now I just have to wait until Mother's Day to pick up my diploma.

Next week it is Senior that should be interesting...

MS walk is on Sunday, the forecast is calling for rain and thunderstorms...soooooo fingers crossed that it turns out alright. I don't know how much walking I'll be doing but we will see.

Wednesday, April 28

The dangers of walking

Walking is a dangerous activity. I was walking with one of the Hannahs up to the bookstore and before I knew what happened I was on the ground, face down of course, with books everywhere. I am glad I had sweatpants on because I am sure taking the fall in a pair of jeans on the pavement would have cause some serious rip-age in the knee area. The blood alone was rather impressive, apparently I am a pretty good bleeder.

So I am guessing I also managed to roll my ankle because it hurts like a (insert expletives). So if murdering my knee and ankle wasn't bad enough, I even managed to fall on my wrist so that can be added to the list of injuries.

Luckily for me, MS walk is Sunday! 4 days to be magically healed.

Sunday, April 25

First concert of the year...finally!

My mom bought my roommates and I all tickets to see Matt Nathanson (yes, my absolute favorite musician EVER)! So Friday night we all headed down the road to my brothers college, which is like seriously a mile away. We waited outside in line for a while for the doors to open because lets face it, I was too excited for the show to wait around in my apartment!

The concert was amazing! My roommates have only heard me talk and gush about Matt and of course I had put his music on all their computers, but it was the first time they had ever seen him live. Matt is amazing live...simply amazing. The last time I saw him I was blessed with "chipmunk cheeks" or as my doctor calls it my "moon face."

Apparently air conditioning at my brothers school was a had to be around 85 degrees in there. We were packed in like sardines, but I would not have it any other way. During the open act, a girl in the crowd fainted....yup, it was that hot. Anyways he played some songs that he doesn't usually play live like Bulletproof Weeks...I was dying to hear this song live. Its amazing...and during the song the audience was so freaken quiet. Matt posted a message on Twitter after the show that said "thank u rochester & st. john fisher 4 a great nite & the pin drop quiet during 'bulletproof weeks.' holiest of craps u're good to me! gnite." Of course Hannah and I had a girl behind us who decided that for every song she was going to be Matt's backup singer...Now, I am by no means a singer nor do I have any musical talent, but it may be safe to say that I have more that she does...she was bad. At one point one of her friends asked what song it was and she said "Heartbreak World"...Hannah and I simultaneous corrected her...

Even with the off key, wanna-be back up singer, I couldn't have asked for more of a amazing night.

Wednesday, April 21

Steph and I went to Michaels Craft Store Sunday afternoon to buy t-shirt constructing supplies and stuff. Anyways after picking out everything we wanted we proceeded to go to the checkout. I put all my stuff up on the counter and the cashier asked for my zip code. I immediately blurted out 315 and then stopped and started to dig through my bag to grab my wallet. The cashier just stared at me and I awkwardly stared back at her and realized that my area code is definitely not my zip code. So instead of admitting that I might have given her the wrong number I proceeded to blurt out 12. The cashier looked rather confused and typed it in...I could barely hold my composure long enough to make it out of the store. By the time Steph and I made it out of the store we were both dying...I think it had something to do with the lack of sleep from the night before though...

In case anyone was wondering my factious zip code is from Ambrose, GA. The population of Ambrose, GA in 2000 according to the census was 320 people. Heck, thats smaller than the population at my school....I'm glad I've had a chance to get out of GA for a while :)

Tuesday, April 20

job hunting

I mentioned that job hunting sucked didn't I? Central New Yorks jobs available kinda blow...I would love to get a job at Microsoft or Google and I was looking at the positions available but then my mom of course chimed in with the reality that if I leave NY I am no longer covered by my parents insurance.

It's safe to say I am jealous of my friends and cousins who just get to pick up their stuff and pick a new city...

Friday, April 16

Tysabri #...I don't even know

So Tysabri...everything went well...I have a cute little bruise and everything.

However, my vitamin D level is 18 (norm is like 30-80 according to my infusion nurse), and that was in December. Apparently the office "forgot" to call me. Luckily my infusion nurse noticed and she assumes it is probably lower now being 4 month later...I bet this has something to do with my feeling blah.

I had to crawl through my trunk, luckily I have a SUV to leave the parking lot. The two cars on either side of me didn't think enough to leave room to walk between let alone open a door. Security saw me and helped close my trunk once I was in and helped guide me out of my spot. Ugh.

Monday, April 12

Job Hunting

I am used to the whole searching for a summer job thing and well that sucked. Now I am looking for a big girl job...oh and guess what...that sucks too.

Sunday, April 11


Last night was formal...the theme was Black Tie Affair and here are a few photos!
Jess and I...she was my date due to the whole lack of guys at our school

Hannah and I

Hannah, Jess, Hannah and I

Saturday, April 10

Guess I have to repaint...

My parents are in the process of redoing the bathroom which is on the other side of this wall. Apparently while replacing the bathtub this damage took place...My mom sent me the picture and I thought I was going to cry. Those walls took days...ugh. I'm glad they find humor in the situation cause I certainly don't yet.

Tuesday, April 6

Art history paper...

Denied again. 3 denials. I freaken give up. Looks like I have to have a talk after class with my professor. ugh. I love that its being denied because I am trying to draw connections between past and present consumerism behaviors and exposing the negative side of Americans obsession with consumerism. God forbid I make a art research paper the least bit interesting.
Last night I could sleep. My body was craving sleep but my head had other plans. My brain decided to run through check-list after check-list of things I still have to do.

- Get my art history topic OK'd...which by the way is seeming to be a bit impossible...after two rejections I have threatened to just quit school after I professed my pure frustration to one of my roommates.
- Resume. It's not done, nor do I know what the heck I want to do with my life...isn't that the point of college, to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life? I made a appointment with career services for Friday...they are resume experts...if they can't fix my resume no one can.
- Teaching Certification Application. Basically pay 50 dollars to get a piece of paper that I have no intentions of ever using. Maybe I will cut it up and use it to decoupage.
- Find a job. This can't happen without completing my resume. I was able to convince myself last night that I was never going to find a job. I couldn't find a summer job last year, so how do I expect to find a actual job this year? It's funny how persuasive your mind can be at night...I was throughly convinced that I am never going to have a job.
- Figure out health care. May 10th...doom day, my health care coverage is over. Which this part makes me laugh because lets face it, its stressful, and out of all my friends I am the only one who is like "omg! I need insurance."

With those four topics swirling around in my spotted brain sleep was impossible. I am ready to just check out for the time pause and step aside from it all.

I'm curious about one thing though...I've heard of mail order brides but are there mail order husbands that come with amazing insurance coverage? It's just an idea...
- Actually I just googled it...people actually do things like that...heck I need to join that club. Apparently this woman, Terri Carlson, is kinda serious about it.

I am also curious about having MS and then trying to get health insurance when I get a does that work, does it count as a preexisting condition? Am I going to have trouble getting insurance?

That is enough thinking for now I suppose.

Monday, April 5

Art Paper vs Blog...

<-- My dad's birthday!

If you are curious, my blog won the battle today.

Once again it is absolutely gorgeous outside. I just met a friend to buy our tickets for the Jr/Senior formal this weekend...she and I are going as dates because you get a discount if you have a date. Plus, lets face it, the school I am at has like no straight guys.

What else, what else...Easter was lovely yesterday...I ate alot and brought back a ton of leftovers. Other than that I am just avoiding my art paper currently.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful afternoon.

Friday, April 2

April 2nd

Today was my dads birthday.
Today I baked a cake.
Today was over 80 degrees and sunny.
Today was the first motorcycle ride of the season with my dad.
Today was a good day.