Thursday, February 28

January Confessions and February Goals Revisited

Remember my last post? You know, that one that happened almost a month ago where I outlined some of my confessions of January and set some goals for myself for February  Let's see how I did at accomplishing my goals:

Goal: Obviously I need to take my tree down, but more specifically I'd like to find something to go in that corner of the room since a empty corner just looks so sad.
Result: I was able to take my tree down the first week in February and last week my parents brought down my old toy chest that I had repainted and upholstered many summers ago to go in its place.

Goal: Start eating dinner at my table, like a civilized person.
Result: Epic fail. My kitchen table is cleaned off but I can't pull myself away from the drama that is Dr. Phil every night at six (don't judge my guilty pleasure..I only get like 6 channels anyways so The Real Housewives of xyz aren't a option sadly)

Goal: Feel comfortable when making purchases I've planned for. I'm trying out a new budgeting system so I'm fully aware of what I'm spending and where it's going. Hopefully this will help make me feel less guilty when making "splurge" purchases.
(Side note: I think it's finally sunk it that I don't live at home anymore and now I have a whole new group of expenses that I actually need to plan for. I'm in no way living outside my means but I want to make sure I am not just spending money just because I have it.)
Result: I didn't make any exciting purchases this month...unless you count renewing a car insurance policy...Not all purchases can be fun purchases I suppose.

Goal: When I look in the mirror stop focusing on my perceived flaws and focus on the things I love. It's time I start feeling comfortable in my skin. Sure, I probably gained a few pounds since I've stopped cycling everyday but it's not the end of the world. I need to keep reminding myself of this fact.
Result: The is a work in progress, but I'm doing better.

Goal: This sounds horrible, but I think it's currently for the best, keep my distance from this group of friends.
Result: As awkward as it may sound I managed to accomplish this one successfully. What's even more successful though is the fact that I quit Facebook. Well, I haven't logged on in over 3 weeks which is amazing. I started realizing how peoples posts, people I didn't even really like if we are being truthful, were negatively impacting my thoughts. Plus, this totally meant I missed out on the "My boyfriend is so great...look what he bought me" gag worthy posts, because everyone surely knows that love is measured in flowers and chocolate one day a year.

Overall, I think I did pretty well. I'm focusing more on putting myself first instead of everyone else like I usually do. I'm making decisions I'm proud of and I'm excited to continue working on these goals I set for myself.