Tuesday, July 28

I'm off for a week!

Just thought I would say adios, I'll be gone for the week...off to Cali...I will miss reading blogs with my breakfast so I will have lots to catch up on when I get back...

Sunday, July 26

firemen sure can barbecue

Today my family and I headed up north ( about 10 miles from Canada) to go to a barbecue with about 6 other retired firemen and there spouses. Its always a good time and there is always plenty of good food. One of the firemen has a camp on a lake that only has about 4 or 5 other camps, and its super quiet and just really pretty. I am really not a nature girl though, bugs and snakes and fish are not really my thing. However my family all loves to fish, so I do have a bit of the fishing gene somewhere in me. My brother caught a 13 inch bass ( we were trying to catch a snake- well let me clarify I was trying to keep a eye out on the snack because I feared it would charge in the water at me)...and then I also caught a fish- 17 inch large mouth bass...the whole touching, holding, grabbing fish freaks me out but I always have amusing pictures with me and fish. I just really wanted to let go of that fish...I sorta kinda dropped it a few times...but don't worry all you Peta people, I let it go and it swam away off to make new fishies!

Saturday, July 25

state testing

I just finished my CST for business and marketing...so if I pass I am certified or something to teach business and marketing which I still need a degree for. Anyways I spent 2 and 1 1/2 hours in a high school gym with about 1000ish other people and oh no air conditioning...lets hope they dont grade on penmanship because my body doesn't respond well to heat and and during the test my arm developed a cute little shaking thing... halfway through I just thought "get this over with asap and get into a nice air conditioned car"...

but I survived, I am home and have no thrilling plans for the evening, just to recuperate...

Friday, July 24


On my birthday my mom and I went cd hunting for a Japanese import cd, that has been out of production for a while, but I kinda had to have it. I do admit that I have a problem, I am obsessed with music, at least I will admit it. Anyways, we went to some undergroundish shops but sadly no luck in finding it. Luckily amazon had it, well I ordered it from a dealer, half the price of amazon too...still like 20 dollars...and umm it may only have 7 songs...BUT it has one of my favorite songs- Konstantine by Something Corporate. The song is 9:35 minutes long and yeah I am in love with it...

I randomly got called to babysit today. It was kinda amusing, my neighbor called me at 1:55 and she wanted me to babysit at 2. So of course I did, I watched a nine year old Girl, aka Ash aka Ashlyn...I like Ash better though. We played wii and I got my butt kicked. The best conversation I have had with a 9 year old is below..

Ash- How old are you?
Me- I am 21, I just had a birthday.
Ash- Do you have a boyfriend?
Me- Umm no I don't.
Ash- That's not your boyfriend in the picture.
( my brother and my senior picture is hanging on our living room wall, along with some random family photos)
Me- No, oh-my-gosh! Thats my brother!
(if I never mentioned this, my brother is 19 and most certianly has his own following of girls...)
Ash- Oh, he's cute, is he home?
Me- Uhhh do you want a popsicle?

I have a NYS teaching exam tomorrow. It is called the CST or something. Its the content based business and marketing test, I think its like 90 multiple questions and a short essay. 3 hours in a room, with no air, in a hot school should be a blast!

Thursday, July 23


Blogger really is mad at me...it erased all the blogs from my blog reader thingy...time to dig up everyones blogs urls again...

maybe its just blogger it wont let me add blogs to my list... :( total bummer

update...blogger loves me again, all my blog favorites have magically reappeared.

Wednesday, July 22

I'm soooooooo excited

So this should have been posted last night at like 11:30 but blogger and I were in a fight, and sadly blogger one...I think that may make our fight record 3-0...I think at this point blogger may always prevail...

So last night I was so excited to post this, so without further ado I bring you last nights blog

So even though I was in a not so happy mood today, I just bought tickets for Jacks Mannequin and The Fray for the first night I'm in Cali...soooooo I am soooooooo excited! I even have the whole bouncing up and down in my chair action going on right now!

3 reasons why I can say uggggghhhhhhh today

1. I had my 12th MRI yesterday...my arm kills from the whole IV contrast thing
2. Nasty sinus infection meet amoxicillin...
3. I managed to kill my cars tire rod...I spent my morning in a parking lot stuck...

Monday, July 20


Happy Birthday to me...

Sunday, July 19

Question. for those of you on Tysabri...

Today while on my motorcycle, it was partly cloudy and just a little bit of sun...My parents didn't have sunglasses on, and neither did the other riders that were with us, but OMG I couldn't see a thing, I was squinting and could barely see, the sun was just to bright. I never used to have the whole, OMG the not really sunny day is suddenly all to sunny. So long story short, I have a question for those on Tysabri...

Have you noticed a increase of sensitivity to the sun?

Saturday, July 18

attack of the allergies

These past few months have been the worst months ever for my allergies. Today may be the worst day, between the constant sneezing and the overwhelming feeling that my eyes just may really pop out of my head...

What drives me even more crazy is weather.com's allergy forecaster which currently show that there is no pollen activity...

Crap, I had something else to say and it has completely blanked my mind...oh well
It has been a weird few days...I'm tired and cant sleep...but then again I watched Saving Private Ryan, so I am sure that didnt help the situation at all. That movie came out when I was 10, so obviously I did not see in then...I can say now, after watching it, that it was one hard movie to get through.

Tuesday, July 14

Before and After: The Messy Room Edition

Last night, I couldn't find the way to my bed in the dark. This morning I stumbled across a floor covered by clothes and clutter.

This afternoon I decided to actually clean my room. Please enjoy the before and after pictures.

Total time to complete: 1 hour and 48 minutes.

Challenge for later this week: Project Tackle Closet

Monday, July 13

quick update

I saw my neurologist today, and just to be on the safe side, he scheduled a mri, I was due for one anyways, but this was just added incentive to get it done before my Cali trip. He reminded me that there is always a chance of PML but yeah he doesn't think it is. So he warned me about having too much fun in Cali and warned me about staying in the sun too much. So with that, he wished me a early happy birthday and said to have fun in Cali because I deserve it.

Sunday, July 12

shit shit shit

Today while I was shopping for sandals for California, my ring finger on my left hand started tingling...it spread to my pinkie..and then part of my hand...and now that's still number plus my calf, part of my thigh and some of my toes.

My mom, of course was ready to drive to the ER and I was trying to avoid the 90 mile drive to go hang out in the ER...but I called the answering service of my doctors office and was able to talk to the neurologist that is working today and he just said to come in for my appointment tomorrow and see what my doctor thinks. As long as I don't have changes in my vision, pain or shit I forgot the other one, I don't have to go in, but yeah, as I type my elbow is going numb...

My mom is freaking out, but I figure my right hand and foot has been numb since last Oct...so its really not a new feeling...and I really only need my right foot to drive so I'm all set in my mind...

Craziness I say, pure craziness...

RIP Batman

Tysabri #7 went well, no problems. Steph came along so we just goofed off the entire time... at least she makes the two hours go by a little faster. I have a appointment with my neurologist on Monday and I have a lot of things to discuss.

Batman, my goldfish, died last night. As odd as it sounds, I did cry, but I guess he was more than just a fish. I got him Feb 2nd 2008 ( day before the superbowl). He stayed at school with me and came home when I came home. I used to buckle his fishbowl in to the passenger seat. When I was in the hospital Steph would take care of him. Apparently when I was in the hospital the 2nd time, for the whole not being able to talk thing, Batman got a bit sick. After about 4 days of not being able to talk, I was definitely down. I wasn't emailing friends, I wasn't responding to instant messages or texts, I didn't care what doctors wanted to talk about, I was just there. While that was happening Steph was dealing with a sick Batman. She says that there was no way she could have let him die that week, because no one wanted to have to tell me my fish died. So Steph and our two suitemates ( The Hannah's- yeah they are both named Hannah...) feed Batman peas from Ramon Noodle packages. One of the Hannah's had found that if you feed fish a pea, that sometimes that helps...and it did, Batman stopped floating and started swimming. I never knew any of this until one day in December, when I had went back to school during finals week for a surprise b-day party for one of the Hannah's...The secret that Batman almost died came out then, but it was just so cool to see that everyone put a lot of effort into making sure that at least my fish survived...

So I guess the Batman is not just a goldfish...he means a lot more to me than just a ordinary goldfish and its kinda sad to see him go...

Tuesday, July 7

Catching up and such

Last Friday my mom and I went to see The Proposal. I loved that movie, mainly because I love Sandra Bulluck and Ryan Renoylds and Betty White. It was hilarious, and both my mom and I laughed so hard we cried during a few scenes.

If you need a good laugh- go see it!

I have been feeling crappy, back to the whole, wake up and feel more tired than I did when I went to bed, routine. I have just stopped talking to my parents about it because they just say "well go to bed earlier." I think when I am getting 10 hours of sleep a night that is plenty...

Side note...
I have been having the strangest dreams though. I'll share one because it really freaked me out.
My father and I were in our car, driving through my grandparents town. It was storming outside and my father pulled onto a side road. The road was bumpy and curvy and all gravel. we traveled down through thick trees and slowly the trees became more sparse. We started to pass by grave stones and finally we made it to this parking lot in a clearing. We got out of the car and we headed up this hill to a small office. We waited in a long line and I looked down and noticed I was dressed in 40's threads...Anyways we get to the front of the line and my dad asks where my great grandfathers grave is...and the woman points down this path and my dad nudges me to go find it. I stat to walk down the path and its pouring out, and so I walk faster and faster and finally up ahead I see people gathered and as I go to walk by I see my mom, and grandma and my other relatives and they tell me that my grandfather died and i instantly started crying.

I woke up crying. It was one freaky dream.

End of side note

Of course when I feel crappy, I am in a crappy mood, and I hate being in a funk, the one where you would rather do nothing that do anything at all. I dragged myself out to the grocery story tonight to get cake mix for cupcakes and I was walking through the store and all of a sudden got super panicky, it was like people overload or something.

I had a appointment with my dermatologist today, I love her, she is very smart and just easy to talk to. Her nurse however, was awful...I don't mind giving a update of whats going on, but she wanted to know the ins and outs of me and my MS and yeah I can talk about it, but when I am not in the most upbeat moods, I cant talk about it. She didn't get it, and kept prodding...finally I said, I told you this all last night, check the chart.

In other news, I am going to Rochester tomorrow night, I have plans for dinner with Steph's family and the Thursday I have Tysabri. Steph is coming with me Thursday because I have the serious urge to boycott Tysabri, I see my neurologist on Monday and I have some stuff to ask him...important stuff I think...who knows...but its late and bed sounds quiet nice now...

Saturday, July 4

Happy 4th of July

Been busy and just feeling a bit sluggish. We are heading to Duck Lake, friends of my parents have a camp there, today for a barbecue and then to watch the fireworks that people from the lake put on.

Tomorrow, we are going to Sandy Pond, a pond off of Lake Ontario, with my grandparents. My dads sister and brother in law live their so we are having a cookout and hanging by the pond.

A lot has been going on but I haven't really been in the blogging mood...hopefully a better, longer update to come sometime this week.

Have a super wonderful 4th of July and stay safe.