Tuesday, March 30

ugh crap.

I have a problem. Every time a alarm goes off in my room I turn it off. I do not press snooze, no instead my half asleep mind knows that turning it off is the best idea. This morning vaguely remember turning off my cell phone alarm, which is conversantly placed under my pillow, when it went off at 8:30. I also vaguely remember reaching over out of bed to my windowsill to turn off my alarm 15 minutes before it was set to go off. This alarm is one of the ones that has the vibrating disk that shakes your pillow and has a ear piercing noise that goes off as well. Let's face it I turn that one off in advance because it jolts me out of bed and I am convinced I will have a heart attack from it.

Anyways, I guess it is time to start setting off a alarm on the other side of my room because sleeping in till 10:04 means no gym and it means that I am utterly exhausted from oversleeping so I have to take Ritalin to actually muster up the energy to function.

Monday, March 29

Throw Back...Semi Formal

The school district that I went to split up their schools a bit differently than most schools I know, school was split up like this:

Elementary School -K-4
Middle School - 5-7
Junior High - 8-9
High School - 10-12

In 9th grade we had a giant semi formal event. It was like prom for 9th graders. I got this amazing dress, it was this turquoise bright blue and it was a mermaid fit with a halter style top. I was like in love with that dress. My mom and I had searched all over to find a dress that I was in love with and when we finally found it I was just so excited.

My mom took a ton of pictures and I just remember having an amazing time.

When my mom went to develop her pictures she realized that she had never put film in the camera...I think I have one picture somewhere with me in that dress that hopefully I can find somewhere when I am home for Easter.

Anyways, why I am I telling you all this...well I heard about this program called Becca's Closet where you can donate you prom dresses and they have events where girls who can't afford prom dresses can go and pick out a dress for free. We all had prom dresses where you just know you are never going to have a fancy enough event to wear it again to so this is your solution to doing something good with a dress that would otherwise just sit in your closet. I will say I will prob. never give up my senior prom dress, heck I am wearing it to formal in two weeks...

So sure, I can probably squeeze into that dress again from 9th grade, but realistically I'm never going to wear it again, and if it means that someone can wear it and have a amazing time and make some memories, then I have no problem giving it up.

Now I am off to art history to debate whether or not art should be displayed by time/location or by aesthetic value. I'm arguing for asthetic value...should be uh fun.

Saturday, March 27

Random Thoughts...and oh, I am famous.

I will say it time and time again, eyebrows and MS do not mix well, especially when tweezers are factored into the situation....damn you fine motor skills.

Sometimes when I get out of the shower I let my hair air dry. When its almost dry I usually pass by a mirror and look at my wavy crazy hair and don't recognize myself. Its kinda amusing.

I am insanely productive when I take Ritalin. 5 chapters of my entrepreneurship book and 6 pages of single spaced summaries kind of productive as compared to the 0 chapters and 0 pages of single spaced summaries completed without Ritalin.

Sometimes I forgot that when I was born I was born with a cleft palate, until someone asks me about it. Tonight was a annual Smile dinner whose proceeds go to help fixing children with cleft pallets and such.

I am in love with the movie Elizabeth Town. Yup. I am.

Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when I trip over my own feet or misjudge distances when I go to pick something up...not going to lie sometimes I am convinced people will think I am a bit intoxicated...

I am famous. Today I was reading through the latest MS walk event email entitled Final Push Friday and as I scrolled down this is what I read (scroll a bit down and read about your participant center)...yup, my walk page is famous. Insanity...when I saw it I was like oh. my. gosh. but then one of the Hannah's convinced me it was a good thing. I am not a "in the spotlight" kinda person, I am the complete opposite. However, my mom was proud, so I guess I can deal with it this time. It would have been nice to win a prize though...I like prizes :)

Your Participant Center

Changing your Personal Page in Your Participant Center can make a huge difference in your fundraising potential! Walkers that customize their page are raising an average of $450 each, versus participants that do not change their pages, who are raising an average of $147 each. That’s a $300+ difference! Check out how to navigate your Participant Center here. Also, here are a few great examples of walkers taking advantage of their personal pages!

Saratoga Walk MS: Team Tino - Maryanne Foley
Albany Walk MS: Rockin’ Rollz
Rochester Walk MS: Steph’s Chicas - Stephanie Tashjian
Buffalo Walk MS: Team Bruno
Syracuse Walk MS: Our Gang

Thursday, March 25

I need ideas.

MS walk is coming up and I need ideas for team t-shirts. Maybe I am a bit obsessive compulsive about it but I want us all to match...including socks, shorts, shirts and accessories. So my blog readers, I am asking if you all have any ideas for cheap t-shirts that still look amazing and coordinated? Of course they have to have our team name of "Steph's Chicas" on them too!

edit: P.S: Did you know you can add "pages" to your blog?!? Cause I certainly didn't, but now I do and well its the best thing ever...but they are a work in progress so for now they are empty. I always wondered how people did that...

Wednesday, March 24


I graduate on Mothers Day. The day after Mothers Day I will loose my health insurance. (Insert expletives) One of my roommates has a job interview on Tuesday for a intern long term sub job, she has a job throughout the summer lined up in Rochester, she is all set for grad school in the fall and is signing the lease on her two bedroom apartment Saturday which starts May 1st.

Jealously and pure frustration are what I am feeling. She keeps asking me to live with her, but realistically lets add up the monthly costs: Rent: 400 + Health Insurance under my dads policy at a Cobra rate 375ish + Insurance on a car that can die at any moment 100 + Food 100ish + Copays 15-30 + Gas 50-75 (I own a gas guzzler) = $1040 a month and that doesn't include the loans that will be due starting 6 months from when I graduate.

Writing it out kind of makes me sick to my stomach...job searching is torture...and I have no freaken clue what I am doing or looking for. I've threatened to join the military but I have been informed that they would really want someone with 3 knee surgery's and MS...

So for now I will take Pete Yorns' advice and convince myself that everything is alright...

And when you said I could not stay with you
That's not the way you would have wanted to be
Convince yourself that everything is alright
'Cos it already is
- For Nancy - Pete Yorn -

Monday, March 22

This is me not freaking out.

When you go to get your Tysabri infusions, you are asked three questions before they start. If you answer yes to any of them you then speak to a neurologist. If I remember correctly they ask you if you have had any changes in your thinking, eyesight or balance.

Well, I have had freaking splitting headache(I guess I can never say I have had migraine but I guess the whole light sensitivity, sick to my stomach, splitting headache can classify as one) all day and obviously it prob. has something to do with the fact that my thinking is way off - ha just look at my class work for my technology class from tonight, it is rather amusing how much my answers just don't make any sense. My balance, well lets just say that I am very thankful that I have yet to fall over today - I was pretty darn close about 10 times today. I was about 2 seconds away from falling when trying to put on my shoes...luckily I remembered to sit down first. My coordination is acting up too - today I managed to drop -- cottage cheese, my yogurt (which went SPLAT all over my clothes), a hairdryer, a eight pound weight, my folder full of nicely organized papers, a pen (which is no biggie) and oh my toothbrush(right onto the floor!).

So I guess I will sleep it off for tonight and hope that I wake up feeling wonderful tomorrow.

Monday mornings...Tysabri numero 16

I had a really nice weekend. Of course it started with some Tysabri on Friday and a bit of blood work afterwards. My friend Jess tagged along so it was nice to have some company during the two hours of boredom.

On Saturday I went with Steph's family on a wine tour around Cayuga Lake (one of the NYS Fingerlakes). It was alot of fun even though I don't even really drink wine. We hit up 6 different winerys : Sweedish Hill Winery, Lakeshore Winery, The Thirst Owl Wine Company, Cayuga Ridge Winery Estate , Lucas Vineyards and Americana Vineyard and Winery. It was a reallly fun and its safe to say I've had my fill of wine for a long while.

Sunday we were busy helping out at a baby shower...I stayed to help set up and such and watched the SU basketball game at the bar of the restaurant. All in all it was a really nice weekend.

The only bad part is that the eating kinda poorly and lack of sleep has caught up with me and has left me feeling pretty darn crappy. I worked out at the gym this morning and was just exhausted. I bought alot of healthy food at the grocery store to fill my body up with some really good food and hopefully that will help.

Its also amazing how much I missed in a few days away from my computer and blogging world. So for now its back to catching up on some missed blogs.

Thursday, March 18

I think it may be spring!

Just kidding...I guess CNY is supposed to get a snow storm next week. This week has been filled with 50-60 degree weather and its going to be hard to go back to jackets and sweaters.

Today was a busy day. I got my cavity filled. Of course today at the dentist the sucker up machine (aka Mr. Thirsty) was broken. So I got to rinse and spit every five seconds...fun stuff.

There was a special request from my mom to make a dinner before I went back to school so today I made twice baked cheesy potatoes and kabobs with chicken (in my own top secret marinade) and yellow/orange/red peppers, mushrooms and zucchini. I also made peanut butter chocolate swirl cookies to bring to Stephs tomorrow. I have Tysabri at 1 (time really flies - cant believe its been a month) and then I am off to stay with Steph till the dorms open back up.

I am going on a wine tour with her family on Saturday...should be interesting seeing as I don't drink wine. Anyhoo my friend Jess is going to meet me at the hospital and tag along during the Tysabri infusion. Jess is a nursing major and needs some hours for clinical and such and I think she found a way to count this so that should be pretty interesting.

I guess thats all I have to say for now...it sure is nice to have a un-hijacked blog again though.

Tuesday, March 16

My blog is safe...

Oh the fun of crazy blog hijacking...comments have to go through to me to be published...but at least my blog is safe.

Spring break oddness

So I am home on my spring break having a grand ole time. Today was a interesting day and its only half over. Ill run through a recap for you all...enjoy.

-- Girl Scout Cookies...I don't eat cookies when I am at school unless I bake them, and there is a reason for that - I'd eat them all. My parents have a huge stash of Girl Scout cookies and they are so freaken impossible not eat the whole box. Damn you Girl Scouts.

-- I get bored easily at home...my dad is working on his friends house, my mom is at work, and I am home alone. Yup, 21 and can't keep myself entertained. So after the gym, a shower, some lunch, and roughly a quarter of a box of girl scout cookies (don't judge me) I went to Barnes and Noble. While I was looking for a book that happened to be in the Sociology section two people, both female and in their early 20's went to the next section over and started pulling books off the shelf about lesbian relationships and well interesting things like that...and then they started reading out loud different positions (yup, those kinds of positions...the dirty kind), and then each commenting if they have tried them and such...and yup it was so incredibly awkward and kinda sorta hard not to laugh at all. As for me I ended up buying Twinkie, Deconstructed and Scratch Beginnings: Me, $25, and the search for the American Dream.

-- Tonight its dinner at Chee Burger Chee Burger...and then off to buy cupcakes to bring to my aunts tomorrow at a bakery called Cupcakes and Smiles (super good bakery...like oh so good)

Monday, March 15

watch out. I bite.

Don't get me wrong, I am feeling great, grand, wonderful...but takes about stupid thing to get me to snap, and when I snap I bite.

Today I had a dentist appointment, or so I thought I did. On my appointment card it clearly stated March 15th at 12:30. This morning I get a phone call reminding me about my appointment on the 16th at 2:20. I hate the dentist, I dread them, I would rather eat spiders and wander through sewers barefoot. Anyways, I told the lady that my card clearly states today, and that I am ready to go today and I'm not going to guarantee that I'll show up tomorrow. So she gave me a appointment at 2:10.

So I go in today, and at my dentist you have to wear obnoxious booties over your shoes so you don't dirty the floors. Well then your shoes slide on the fake hardwood and then I have trouble staying upright. One day I will fall, its just a matter of time. Oh and I have a cavity. Its not new, they have just "overlooked it" the past year, but its the first I heard of it.

The dental hygienist kept asking for my changes in history, which I clearly stated on the update form were "none." She asked about 5 times if I was feeling alright, and if I was sure nothing changed. My answers were something like, "yup I am fine, nothing has changed", "yup, still fine" "nope, nothing has changed" "nope" and "no"...then she asked if I was alright because I looked a bit irritated...

Seriously, I remember when my health information didn't say multiple sclerosis and no one ever questioned my health...now it says it and you are going to pester me and be surprised when I get irritated.

So once again, its safe to say, I hate the dentist.

Wednesday, March 10

I'd be lost without Google...

So apparently moving blogs is complicated...so I added my new account as a contributor...but anyways problem solved. Google now organizes and runs my life more efficiently and I couldn't be more excited. My email, calendar and everything for school is all on one account and I can relax.

In other news, midterm tomorrow...stats...fun stuff.

Just a heads up...

If my blog suddenly disappear its because I messed something up in changing my account. I am trying to sync everything, all my emails and online accounts under one email. This is surprisingly difficult so just bare with me till I figure it all out.

Saturday, March 6

I kinda feel like my grandpa...

Why you ask? Well when he has a bad experience somewhere he will make a formal complaint. He will call, or write a letter and let that business know that he is dissatisfied. I never really saw the point in doing that...until last night. Steph and I hit up Cold Stone last night for some ice cream.

We had the absolute worst customer service there ever. I honestly couldn't believe it...we were both in shock at how rude the employees were to us. They actually messed up Stephs order and instead of starting new, the girl scrapped out some of the peanuts she put in, but she left a large amount behind and then just continued making Stephs oder.

Steph and I are the absolute opposite of confrontational, but after that and some other rude comments I was a bit urked (like when I commented that the sized of my ice cream looked massive for the smallest size and the employee ringing me up snapped and pointed to the board and told me that I should have read the prices before I complained about them...the best part was Steph's laugh as she tried to refrain from choking on her ice cream...it was the most random thing ever)

Anyways I actually just finished a customer service complaint from their website...they just sent a confirmation number for an incident report as well...the weird thing is that I feel pretty good. I kinda feel like a grown-up....I am 21 in all....but still, it is kinda cool.

Maybe Cold Stone will be a bit nicer the next time we visit considering the fact that we still have balances left on our gift cards and all.

The weird thing is I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that her and I both look really young...I stopped at a bakery today in Pittsford and all they have are cupcakes. I picked out the flavor I wanted and the woman behind the counter asked what I wanted and this is how the conversation went:

Me: I'll have the signature chocolate.
Employee: Just one?
Me: Yes, please
Employee: grabs box and looks up, what do you want again?
Me: The signature chocolate please ( I even pointed this time - and plus there was 3 flavors - a vanilla thing, chocolate and peanut butter)
Employee: grabs the peanut butter
Me: Oh...can I have the signature chocolate (points again)
Employee: Just stares...
Me: Umm the one with the chocolate on top
Employee: grabs the right cupcake, shoves it in a box and rings it up.

Maybe its cause I am a business major, but hello earthlings - customer service is key! Happy customers = money and a bakery that stays afloat...this shouldn't be a new lesson to anyone. Plus if you work at a bakery, you should know your flavors - geeze there were only three.

Tuesday, March 2

Is it April 23rd yet?!?

I just purchased 4 tickets (well my mom did, and I love her for that) for myself and my roommates to go see Matt Nathanson at the college down the road! I am super excited and its only more that a month away!