Wednesday, March 24


I graduate on Mothers Day. The day after Mothers Day I will loose my health insurance. (Insert expletives) One of my roommates has a job interview on Tuesday for a intern long term sub job, she has a job throughout the summer lined up in Rochester, she is all set for grad school in the fall and is signing the lease on her two bedroom apartment Saturday which starts May 1st.

Jealously and pure frustration are what I am feeling. She keeps asking me to live with her, but realistically lets add up the monthly costs: Rent: 400 + Health Insurance under my dads policy at a Cobra rate 375ish + Insurance on a car that can die at any moment 100 + Food 100ish + Copays 15-30 + Gas 50-75 (I own a gas guzzler) = $1040 a month and that doesn't include the loans that will be due starting 6 months from when I graduate.

Writing it out kind of makes me sick to my stomach...job searching is torture...and I have no freaken clue what I am doing or looking for. I've threatened to join the military but I have been informed that they would really want someone with 3 knee surgery's and MS...

So for now I will take Pete Yorns' advice and convince myself that everything is alright...

And when you said I could not stay with you
That's not the way you would have wanted to be
Convince yourself that everything is alright
'Cos it already is
- For Nancy - Pete Yorn -

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