Saturday, March 27

Random Thoughts...and oh, I am famous.

I will say it time and time again, eyebrows and MS do not mix well, especially when tweezers are factored into the situation....damn you fine motor skills.

Sometimes when I get out of the shower I let my hair air dry. When its almost dry I usually pass by a mirror and look at my wavy crazy hair and don't recognize myself. Its kinda amusing.

I am insanely productive when I take Ritalin. 5 chapters of my entrepreneurship book and 6 pages of single spaced summaries kind of productive as compared to the 0 chapters and 0 pages of single spaced summaries completed without Ritalin.

Sometimes I forgot that when I was born I was born with a cleft palate, until someone asks me about it. Tonight was a annual Smile dinner whose proceeds go to help fixing children with cleft pallets and such.

I am in love with the movie Elizabeth Town. Yup. I am.

Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when I trip over my own feet or misjudge distances when I go to pick something up...not going to lie sometimes I am convinced people will think I am a bit intoxicated...

I am famous. Today I was reading through the latest MS walk event email entitled Final Push Friday and as I scrolled down this is what I read (scroll a bit down and read about your participant center)...yup, my walk page is famous. Insanity...when I saw it I was like oh. my. gosh. but then one of the Hannah's convinced me it was a good thing. I am not a "in the spotlight" kinda person, I am the complete opposite. However, my mom was proud, so I guess I can deal with it this time. It would have been nice to win a prize though...I like prizes :)

Your Participant Center

Changing your Personal Page in Your Participant Center can make a huge difference in your fundraising potential! Walkers that customize their page are raising an average of $450 each, versus participants that do not change their pages, who are raising an average of $147 each. That’s a $300+ difference! Check out how to navigate your Participant Center here. Also, here are a few great examples of walkers taking advantage of their personal pages!

Saratoga Walk MS: Team Tino - Maryanne Foley
Albany Walk MS: Rockin’ Rollz
Rochester Walk MS: Steph’s Chicas - Stephanie Tashjian
Buffalo Walk MS: Team Bruno
Syracuse Walk MS: Our Gang

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