Thursday, March 18

I think it may be spring!

Just kidding...I guess CNY is supposed to get a snow storm next week. This week has been filled with 50-60 degree weather and its going to be hard to go back to jackets and sweaters.

Today was a busy day. I got my cavity filled. Of course today at the dentist the sucker up machine (aka Mr. Thirsty) was broken. So I got to rinse and spit every five stuff.

There was a special request from my mom to make a dinner before I went back to school so today I made twice baked cheesy potatoes and kabobs with chicken (in my own top secret marinade) and yellow/orange/red peppers, mushrooms and zucchini. I also made peanut butter chocolate swirl cookies to bring to Stephs tomorrow. I have Tysabri at 1 (time really flies - cant believe its been a month) and then I am off to stay with Steph till the dorms open back up.

I am going on a wine tour with her family on Saturday...should be interesting seeing as I don't drink wine. Anyhoo my friend Jess is going to meet me at the hospital and tag along during the Tysabri infusion. Jess is a nursing major and needs some hours for clinical and such and I think she found a way to count this so that should be pretty interesting.

I guess thats all I have to say for sure is nice to have a un-hijacked blog again though.

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