Monday, March 22

This is me not freaking out.

When you go to get your Tysabri infusions, you are asked three questions before they start. If you answer yes to any of them you then speak to a neurologist. If I remember correctly they ask you if you have had any changes in your thinking, eyesight or balance.

Well, I have had freaking splitting headache(I guess I can never say I have had migraine but I guess the whole light sensitivity, sick to my stomach, splitting headache can classify as one) all day and obviously it prob. has something to do with the fact that my thinking is way off - ha just look at my class work for my technology class from tonight, it is rather amusing how much my answers just don't make any sense. My balance, well lets just say that I am very thankful that I have yet to fall over today - I was pretty darn close about 10 times today. I was about 2 seconds away from falling when trying to put on my shoes...luckily I remembered to sit down first. My coordination is acting up too - today I managed to drop -- cottage cheese, my yogurt (which went SPLAT all over my clothes), a hairdryer, a eight pound weight, my folder full of nicely organized papers, a pen (which is no biggie) and oh my toothbrush(right onto the floor!).

So I guess I will sleep it off for tonight and hope that I wake up feeling wonderful tomorrow.


  1. I hope you have a better day tomorrow! <3

  2. Could the headache be from drinking wine during the wine tour, as it sounds like you normally don't drink wine at all?

    Here's hoping you did wake up feeling wonderful this morning.

    I saw on your previous post that you had company for the Tysabri infusion. When my wife was getting chemo for her MS many years ago (~18 years ago, I think), I'd spend the day with her at the cancer care center when she got her IV dose. She'd lie on a bed and watch tv. I brought work to do. We'd always have a companionable day and it was actually relaxing for me and I know Skip loved the company. Hope Steph goes along with you again.


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