Thursday, March 25

I need ideas.

MS walk is coming up and I need ideas for team t-shirts. Maybe I am a bit obsessive compulsive about it but I want us all to match...including socks, shorts, shirts and accessories. So my blog readers, I am asking if you all have any ideas for cheap t-shirts that still look amazing and coordinated? Of course they have to have our team name of "Steph's Chicas" on them too!

edit: P.S: Did you know you can add "pages" to your blog?!? Cause I certainly didn't, but now I do and well its the best thing ever...but they are a work in progress so for now they are empty. I always wondered how people did that...


  1. Try this website for T-shirts:

    I've never used them, but I get their emails once in a great while. They don't spam me, in other words.

    How many in the Steph's Chicas group? Maybe you can find a cartoon with likenesses of your team and make it your own!!! :)

  2. Here's a blog that I came across about a week ago and maybe contact him. His name is Vince. Maybe he will help you design your T-shirt?

    At the least, you should find his blog fascinating. One idea I had, but I am incapable of making it happen (Vince might) is having some bold rough-handed letters spelling out Steph's CHICAS with "Steph's" on top and "CHICAS" underneath and stick figures of the Chicas standing on top of each of the letters C-H-I-C-A-S in various poses with big smiles. Just an idea...

    BTW, I used to live in the Syracuse area back in the early 90's.

  3. Thanks Paul for the ideas! I really really appreciate it, thanks so much.



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