Monday, March 22

Monday mornings...Tysabri numero 16

I had a really nice weekend. Of course it started with some Tysabri on Friday and a bit of blood work afterwards. My friend Jess tagged along so it was nice to have some company during the two hours of boredom.

On Saturday I went with Steph's family on a wine tour around Cayuga Lake (one of the NYS Fingerlakes). It was alot of fun even though I don't even really drink wine. We hit up 6 different winerys : Sweedish Hill Winery, Lakeshore Winery, The Thirst Owl Wine Company, Cayuga Ridge Winery Estate , Lucas Vineyards and Americana Vineyard and Winery. It was a reallly fun and its safe to say I've had my fill of wine for a long while.

Sunday we were busy helping out at a baby shower...I stayed to help set up and such and watched the SU basketball game at the bar of the restaurant. All in all it was a really nice weekend.

The only bad part is that the eating kinda poorly and lack of sleep has caught up with me and has left me feeling pretty darn crappy. I worked out at the gym this morning and was just exhausted. I bought alot of healthy food at the grocery store to fill my body up with some really good food and hopefully that will help.

Its also amazing how much I missed in a few days away from my computer and blogging world. So for now its back to catching up on some missed blogs.

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