Tuesday, August 31

Safety Training

Everything I knew about office safety training was from an episode from The Office. I thought it was common sense. I had one on one safety training today with a man who spoke in a monotone voice for 54 minutes. I have to bit my tongue and a cover my mouth to avoid laughing. I wont lie at times I sat there almost shaking because I was trying so hard not to laugh. He took it seriously but I just couldn't do it. A few things I learned:

- Never, ever go in the room marked with radiation signs! (Which they have special key readers for and I so didn't get the special radiation room key so until I figure out how to break in I think I safe)
- The office is a dangerous place, its a land full of paper cuts, carpel tunnel and back problems. At one point he started to discuss the possibility that papers will become airborne and cut my corneas. He went in to graphic detail. I laughed. I laughed out loud. 
- I learned that I should not drink printer ink. It's a chemical. Chemicals are bad. If I want to change a printer cartridge I need to take the proper precautions - gloves to my elbows, a smock and safety glasses. 
- I learned the definition of flammable. My dad isn't a retired firefighter or anything and I most certainly have no comprehension of the English language. Maybe my inability to sit still and remain silent and laughter-free lead him to believe I was a special employee of some sorts...
- He also went over safety at my home. How to read chemical labels and that I should never ever ingest chemicals. If only he knew Windex(the blue colored one of course) was the magic component in my famous martinis...

At the end of the training and tour he asked what high school I graduated from. I answered and he asked where I was planning to go to college. I was confused and then awkwardly said I already graduated college. He didn't believe me. 

Off to bed I go...another day of work tomorrow...thrilling...I also hope this doesn't have a hundred typos I'm to tired to edit.

Sunday, August 29

Long Weekend

Saturday I headed to the NYS Fair. My mom and I go every year but we try and go on a day that is rainy or overcast. Since I will be working all week I thought going Saturday would be a good idea. Well my mom decided to go around 11:30am and by 1pm I was done. The sun was out, it was 85ish out and hot. Hot, hot, hot. By 1 I was dragging and luckily by 2:30 we booked outta there. I just remember walking through the crowds of people down the midway and having one of those out of body moments where you feel like you are just watching your body navigate through the crowds. It was strange. Needless to say the remainder of the weekend I have been exhausted. I spent the day today looking for a new car...apparently my dad decided it was time for my car to retire. It's a bit sad, but I guess the time has come for my 99' gas guzzler who only gets 11miles to the gallon on a good day. I will miss its insane ability to make other drivers move outta my way or its ability to plow through the nastiest weather. I will be moving on to a smaller car, either a Corolla or a Civic...I however am not looking forward to car payments and student loan payments.

Friday, August 27

Jobs and the insane interviews that are required

I will just make the statement that interviews are by far the most terrifying experiences. I would rather bungee jump off bridges, ride the tallest roller coasters and sky-dive over going through an interview. I had a interview, and I mean a big interview, on Wednesday. I sat across from a panel of 4 people : the owner, the owners wife, the partner and the office manager. It was terrifying. It's one of those interviews were you secretly hope that everyone is a germaphobe so they won't shake your hand because your hand is so sweaty its embarrassing and you start to think maybe I should get botox in my hand because I've heard that its makes your sweat glands stop sweating or something.

See and then kinda like that last sentence my brain jumps around like a thousand jumping beans are jumbling my thoughts and complete random things come out. I do think that despite my extreme nerves I did quite well and plus they only interviewed 5 candidates from a sea of interested people. So I should feel confident in that and if I don't get the job it was a learning experience...and oh I kind of just was hired today and a technology company doing geeky things for the next month/month and a half or so...so at least I will be entertained for a while.

Monday, August 16


The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines the word professionalism as:

1 : the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person
2 : the following of a profession (as athletics) for gain or livelihood

I was contacted by a company this afternoon that I had applied to last week. I love when companies email me, I am not going to lie I hate awkward phone calls. I started reading the email and in the first line I found the first error. The introduction started like this "Hello Tas...." I don't know about you but I usually don't usually address people by their last name. My high school gym teacher used to call me by my last name, but he also was one of the few that could actually pronounce it.

The second issue is that they want me to complete a credit report. Fine, whatever, but the website they ask you to go through automatically signs you up for a monthly credit report service that conveniently costs $14.95 a month so of course when you are filling out the form they ask for you credit card information. 

Anyways I am in the full on process of job hunting. It would be helpful if company hiring would act a bit more professional through the process so I would actually want to interview there. This morning I made the threat that I would put all my loans on my credit card (like they would even fit) and then swim to Cuba. I would pack a few of my favorite things - my insanely comfortable Gap boyfriend jeans, my iPod, a few boxes of Peanut Butter Ginger Chews and my Matt Nathanson seat belt hoodie.

Tuesday, August 10

Tysabri #21

Yesterday I had my 21st Tysabri infusion. I learned a new fact - I am the only patient at the office who has been put on Tysabri before trying any other drug. At first my competitive side took over and was thinking "oh - I'm awesome I'm the only one" but then my logical side imparted its wisdom with "thats not necessarily a good thing." Luckily I feel better after getting Tysabri so I'm back to my normal perky self.

Oh and I had a MRI yesterday. The only thing I have to say is blood everywhere. So MRI's with contrast involve iv's and dye. The PA that put in my IV must have had a off day because blood ended up everywhere. I never look at the whole inserting the iv thing so when the PA said it was all done I looked and gagged as my arm was covered in blood. No bueno. Anyways - other than the messiness the MRI went well. I never ever fall asleep in cars or planes, or any place other than a bed, but I always am able to fall asleep in a MRI tube with the loudest banging and clunking noises ever. I guess I am gifted. 

Monday, August 9

"Tap on my window knock on my door, I want to make you feel beautiful"

So last night was a amazing night. I will once again declare that Adam Levine is oh so attractive.

Today, unlike my amazing night yesterday, was not so amazing. Today MS kicked my behind. Today it seemed like my feet were round, I couldn't stay balanced or upright for anything. I managed to drop anything I got my hands on. I was looking forward t a nice yoga night but about 8 minutes into the routine my arms were shaking and I was tired. I ended up watching the rest of the 40+ minute routine while laying on my mat. Finally I think tonight I've set a record for the coldest shower I've ever taken and still managed to feel like my body was burning.

Tomorrow will be a long day and for the first time in a long time I'm nervous about Tysabri. Maybe it's because Steph will be M.I.A tomorrow or maybe I'm just over-thinking things but anyways I've mapped out a cupcake shop that I've been dying to try so hopefully that will be my added incentive to make it through Tysabri and a MRI tomorrow.

Saturday, August 7

Last day of work

So for the past three weeks I've been a busy little worker bee. Unfortunately due to a hiring freeze (thank you economy) they can't keep me for good yet. However, my bosses boss told me that he is leaving my workstation and everything all the same so when I hopefully come back I'll be all set. Oh and this morning was a bit eventful. My dad has been dropping me off at work to save on he insane parking fees, so this morning like most others I was dropped outside my building and my dad pulled away and I headed to the door. Of course on my last day I was harassed by a man. He just kept yelling not so great things at me. So I just kept walking straight for the building. He proceeds to cross the road and follow me up the massive steps to the building all awhile yelling things at me. So I of course pick up my pace to a skip, hop and jump speed and he starts yelling for me not to run away from him and this and that. Of course the streets are like empty so I'm thinking I'm going to be shanked with a dirty pipe (I watch way to many prison shows). So I run into the building which is about as secure as they get due to security check points at every turn. I think if that happened on my first day I would have had my dad escort me to the building daily. :)

 As much as it sucks to have to go back to the job search it is kind of working out this week just because I have so much to get done. Monday is jammed pack with amazingness - Tysabri at 1 and a MRI at 6:45pm. I'm staying out in Rochester with one of the Hannah's apartment because I have no idea when I'll be out of the MRI and the route home is plagued with night time construction. This is going to be like my millionth MRI...OK so not my millionth but I've had more than my share. Just off my head I've had MRI's for the following:

-left knee
-right knee
-left knee (yeah each of those lead to knee surgeries...I have no idea why my parents let me play soccer for so long)
-right hip
-lower spine
-right hip with contrast
-brain (before MS for a chiropractic visit gone horribly wrong. This was actually just about one year before I was diagnosed with MS, surprisingly my MRI was spotless)
-brain (this will be my one on Monday, MRI #16)

So I've had 16 of these and I'm 22. At what point do I set a record?

I am also house sitting next week. Oh and Thursday I am headed to the orthopedic. When I had my second MS attack I was scheduled for surgery on my hip. My IT band in pretty scarred up from being dislocated a few years back so I was slated to have it worked on and fixed up but that never happened. I kept putting it off after that and the less active I was the less it hurt. Now that I've been way more active with the gym and yoga my hip is killing me so I've decided there is no time like the present to go under the knife and get it squared away for good.

Oh and I almost forgot, my mom and I have tickets tomorrow to Maroon 5. We are in the 11th row or something insane and I am so excited. I'll admit that I am most certainly very much attracted to the main singer Adam Levine. He drives a motorcycle, he is throughly tattooed yup I think I'm in love.

Sunday, August 1

"You own a motorcycle?!?"

"You own a motorcycle?!?" was the first thing out of my aunts mouth when she overheard me talking about my bike to one of my cousins. Our conversation then continued like this:

Me: "Well, my brother and I bought it together and share the expenses."
Aunt: "But you're a girl..."
Me: "Yes, yes I am...but the bike is a perfect starter for me."
Aunt: "But you have MS"

Me: "Yeah but I still have arms and legs and all the necessary skill to ride"
Aunt: "But it's dangerous"
Me: "Walking across the street can be dangerous, you still walk across them anyways"
Aunt: "Well...I still don't like you riding"
Me: "But you are fine with Kevin(aka- my brother) riding?
Aunt: "Well he is a boy."
Me: "Oh thats right I forgot only boys can ride."

Just because I have MS doesn't mean I should sit at home and stare at the walls. Shouldn't people just learn to embrace the fact that I am healthy, having fun and enjoying life. I feel empowered and confident when I ride, maybe they should try it sometime.