Sunday, August 29

Long Weekend

Saturday I headed to the NYS Fair. My mom and I go every year but we try and go on a day that is rainy or overcast. Since I will be working all week I thought going Saturday would be a good idea. Well my mom decided to go around 11:30am and by 1pm I was done. The sun was out, it was 85ish out and hot. Hot, hot, hot. By 1 I was dragging and luckily by 2:30 we booked outta there. I just remember walking through the crowds of people down the midway and having one of those out of body moments where you feel like you are just watching your body navigate through the crowds. It was strange. Needless to say the remainder of the weekend I have been exhausted. I spent the day today looking for a new car...apparently my dad decided it was time for my car to retire. It's a bit sad, but I guess the time has come for my 99' gas guzzler who only gets 11miles to the gallon on a good day. I will miss its insane ability to make other drivers move outta my way or its ability to plow through the nastiest weather. I will be moving on to a smaller car, either a Corolla or a Civic...I however am not looking forward to car payments and student loan payments.


  1. Ooohhh... fairs!! I miss going to those on a reg. basis.. but with this TN heat.. I so feel ya on not lasting long.. lol

    BTW... I am some random stranger that found your blog when snooping around for other positive MS blogs. Love your sense of humor and keep up the good fight!! I too am on the humor side of beating it... speaking of which.. time for my shot! :-D

  2. UGH. Yeah, car payments. UGH. I paid off mine a couple of months ago but it wasn't supposed to be paid off until 2017. I mean 2017?!?!?! That's forever! Anyway...

    I hope to never see another car payment again.

    Good luck.


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