Sunday, August 1

"You own a motorcycle?!?"

"You own a motorcycle?!?" was the first thing out of my aunts mouth when she overheard me talking about my bike to one of my cousins. Our conversation then continued like this:

Me: "Well, my brother and I bought it together and share the expenses."
Aunt: "But you're a girl..."
Me: "Yes, yes I am...but the bike is a perfect starter for me."
Aunt: "But you have MS"

Me: "Yeah but I still have arms and legs and all the necessary skill to ride"
Aunt: "But it's dangerous"
Me: "Walking across the street can be dangerous, you still walk across them anyways"
Aunt: "Well...I still don't like you riding"
Me: "But you are fine with Kevin(aka- my brother) riding?
Aunt: "Well he is a boy."
Me: "Oh thats right I forgot only boys can ride."

Just because I have MS doesn't mean I should sit at home and stare at the walls. Shouldn't people just learn to embrace the fact that I am healthy, having fun and enjoying life. I feel empowered and confident when I ride, maybe they should try it sometime. 

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  1. I find it especially annoying, and amusing, that she uses the excuse "but he's a boy" instead of her (probable) real reason, "but you have MS." I don't even know if it would be worth it to come right out and ask her if that was the REAL reason. She's probably deny it, anyway. Still it could open a dialogue about it. I'm sure the MS is scary for her to see in you.

    Good for you for learning to ride a motorcycle. Do everything you can do, for as long as you can do it.


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