Saturday, June 19

Its hot out. Very hot. Yesterday I cut these stupid bushes that we have in front of our house. Five in total, they were growing out of control. Between the five of them two are supposed to be rectanglish in shape, one a circle and two more ovalish. I am still shocked at how I managed to keep all my fingers and limbs because the electric cutter thing I used was far less than friendly. In just over two hours I managed to turn these out of control bushes into works of art. OK, so maybe they aren't completely even, or remotely perfect, but they do look way better than when they start. Plus, I did manage to soak up some sun (yay for vitamin d!) and work on my barely there tan.

Today I had the bright idea to make quesadilla burgers. Super yummy. Anyways I made my list for the store, grabbed my purse, got all my shopping done, unloaded my cart at the checkout and opened up my wallet to grab my handy dandy wegmans card and my credit card and what do you credit card...thats when the flashback to my credit card in my jacket pocket, sitting on a hanger at home started. Now you see, I own a shirt that says "I carry no cash" and that shirt could not be any closer to the truth because I never have cash unless I plan on going somewhere where I need it. So I scanned my groceries adding a quick 20ish dollar total and then checked my wallet to find a whooping 6 dollars and change. Sure I could have flirted with the not so happy cashier man and try to wink my way to a 6 dollar bill but that wouldn't have gotten me very far so instead I quickly packed up my groceries back in my cart and put in a mayday call to my brother who luckily answered his phone and came to save me with his wallet.

Now its back to mission today is to reorganize out linen closet that strangely enough has very few linens in it.

Monday, June 14

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

This weekend was crazy so luckily its been a pretty quiet day today to just relax. Friday I had my Tysabri infusion. All went well and I just have one mighty pretty bruise to show for it. I was able to see my old roommates and friends from college Friday night and Saturday and it was definitely a blast. It's only been a month since I have last seen them but it felt like forever. Saturday night Steph and I went to the Rochester City Roller Derby and it was a absolute blast. Of course now all I want to do is join a roller derby team...guess I better invest in a pair of skates.

Steph came back to Syracuse with me Sunday morning and just left a few hours ago. She has yet to spend a night here so I showed her the local sights and hit up a diner last night for dinner with my brother. 

My parents are in Boston. On Friday my grandfather was transported to Boston, MA to a hospital that is connected with Harvard University. There was a whole lot of talk of where he was going to be sent to...New York City, Ohio, Mass or I liked to think in a way it was like that old game, "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" because you never knew where she would end up and that seemed pretty similar to my grandfathers scenario. He will be undergoing a procedure to hopefully stop the leaking lymph duct thing. I say thing because I am rather convinced that even the doctors are a bit confused to what actually is leaking. While my parents I are in Boston, I am of course in charge of everything. My brother, who is 19, still needs someone to every once in a while say to him "do you really think that is a good idea?" and of course he needs someone to make sure he eats more than pizza for every meal. Its just weird that my parents have no idea when they will be back in town...hopefully everything goes smoothly so they will be able to be back by the weekend because I can't guarantee that me and my brother will be able to get along for that long without a referee. 

Well, I have laundry to complete, groceries to buy, plants to water and of course dinner to make. This whole being a actual adult isn't as fun as I thought it was going to be...somehow school seemed to be a bit more fun. :-)

Monday, June 7

If you were a ice cream, what flavor would you be and why?

This morning I had a job interview. I was asked that question and I responded with "chocolate and vanilla twist, because the vanilla side nicely balances out the more outgoing chocolate side." I was then told by the interviewer that I was one of the few that actually understood the question, most people just told her their favorite flavor.

So fingers crossed. Until then it's back to job hunting.

Tuesday, June 1

I suppose a update is in need...

Well, last time I posted I believe it was all about graduation. Well, sadly those days are over and the real world has poked its ugly little head into a insanely hot introduction to summer. So since graduation I painted my room because my dad was kind enough to put about 50 screws through one of my walls during his bathroom renovation. So here is the before picture and the completed after pictures...              

<---- Before....such lovely patches :)


Fixed green wall...ooh and my autographed Andrew McMahon (from one of my favorite bands Something Corporate + Jacks Mannequin).

My new improved college grad room...I even found my pretty sweet duvet cover from Ikea that I have been dying to use!

On May 21st my grandfather had a quadrupole bypass. He was supposed to be discharged in about a week after the surgery unfortunately he had a complication and is still in the hospital. He somehow has a leak that is draining a rather large amount of fluid from his chest tube. So until it stops draining, or the doctor figures out where the leak is he will be stuck there. In the mean time my grandmother has been staying with us and my dad and I have been driving her to the hospital. Along with finding a job my to-do list has skyrocketed out of control. I am the full time chef in the house, the chauffeur to and from the hospital twice a day, the gardener, the house cleaner and then everything in-between. I haven't even had time to get my motorcycle inspected yet and of course it expired the 31st.

This is actually the first bit of downtime that I have had and instead of blogging I should prob. be sending in more resumes but its a bit frustrating to apply to all these jobs and hear nothing.

So in MS news I am doing ok...the heat and humidity is certainly killer which has made me a bit difficult to be around. It has become pretty obvious when I over do it in the gym because I feel like complete and utter crap for the rest of the day.