Monday, June 7

If you were a ice cream, what flavor would you be and why?

This morning I had a job interview. I was asked that question and I responded with "chocolate and vanilla twist, because the vanilla side nicely balances out the more outgoing chocolate side." I was then told by the interviewer that I was one of the few that actually understood the question, most people just told her their favorite flavor.

So fingers crossed. Until then it's back to job hunting.


  1. Great answer, love it! =) Good luck!

    Mine's plain vanilla. I'm not afraid to try new flavors and do enjoy them a lot but plain vanilla always does the job for me. Always!

    Can't say that about the new ones I try.

  2. great answer! I'm thinking about what I may have said. Hmmm homemade banana and honey icecream with choc fudge topping perhaps.


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