Tuesday, June 1

I suppose a update is in need...

Well, last time I posted I believe it was all about graduation. Well, sadly those days are over and the real world has poked its ugly little head into a insanely hot introduction to summer. So since graduation I painted my room because my dad was kind enough to put about 50 screws through one of my walls during his bathroom renovation. So here is the before picture and the completed after pictures...              

<---- Before....such lovely patches :)


Fixed green wall...ooh and my autographed Andrew McMahon (from one of my favorite bands Something Corporate + Jacks Mannequin).

My new improved college grad room...I even found my pretty sweet duvet cover from Ikea that I have been dying to use!

On May 21st my grandfather had a quadrupole bypass. He was supposed to be discharged in about a week after the surgery unfortunately he had a complication and is still in the hospital. He somehow has a leak that is draining a rather large amount of fluid from his chest tube. So until it stops draining, or the doctor figures out where the leak is he will be stuck there. In the mean time my grandmother has been staying with us and my dad and I have been driving her to the hospital. Along with finding a job my to-do list has skyrocketed out of control. I am the full time chef in the house, the chauffeur to and from the hospital twice a day, the gardener, the house cleaner and then everything in-between. I haven't even had time to get my motorcycle inspected yet and of course it expired the 31st.

This is actually the first bit of downtime that I have had and instead of blogging I should prob. be sending in more resumes but its a bit frustrating to apply to all these jobs and hear nothing.

So in MS news I am doing ok...the heat and humidity is certainly killer which has made me a bit difficult to be around. It has become pretty obvious when I over do it in the gym because I feel like complete and utter crap for the rest of the day.


  1. What kind of jobs are you looking for? I hope your grandfather is doing better soon.

  2. Well at the moment I am looking for a office kind of job...receptionist or something to hold me over till I find something more in my field. Hopefully something will work out soon...I am beginning to go stir crazy at home.

  3. I too have been job hunting and it does suck... I will send positive thoughts out for your grandfather.


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