Thursday, September 23

It's not you, it's me.

Dear Blog,

I am breaking up with you. Yes, I know I am using the same line as George in Seinfeld, but I am willing to give credit due where it is deserved. Sure I am breaking up with you in a letter but it's definitely better than when Joe Jonas broke Taylor Swifts' heart via the worlds shortest phone call. You are probably wondering why I am choosing to end my long term relationship with you but instead of taking the easy way out and insisting that I am just not ready for such a commitment I will try to explain why we have grown apart.

When I first started this relationship, you my blog, where my outlet for anything and everything. As time move on since my MS diagnosis I used you to find others with similar stories and to feel accepted into this online community. However, even after the countless restless nights we've spent together editing your html code and making you mine, I have decided it's in my best interest to let you go. 

You have become a chore, a chore that I do not look forward to. It feels like work when I write in here and to be quite blunt, not everyone who reads this blog respects my thoughts or opinions. 

This was my first blog, but it will not be my last. I hope you understand that it is time for us to go our separate ways. I am just looking forward to a blog where I can write about my favorite music, guys and chocolate chip cookies. Something that is not serious, and not taken so seriously. 

I hope you, my dear blog, understand this, it's not you, it's me. I am moving on. You've been great. 


P.S. Thanks to all my blog readers over the past two years. It's been a great run, but it's time to take my thoughts elsewhere in the cyber-world.  I hope you all enjoy reading your comments about your blogs because I do not. I actually dread it. I hate the feeling of being judge and critiqued by people I've never met. There are a handful of blogs I truly enjoy reading and I will continue to make little comments there but I feel that my next blog needs to take a new direction. 

Monday, September 20

Long time no blog...

Theres alot going on in my head. Instead of blogging all my thoughts and such I thought I would just pop in and leave you with a few things.

Last night I woke up sweating from a dream, like one of those nasty sweats where you feel like you've just stepped out of the shower that you took with all of your clothes on. wasn't a inappropriate dream with like Gerard Butler...or someone with an accent (gosh forbid I enjoy my dream)...I woke up after dreaming that I was pushed out onto the stage at a Victoria Secret Runway Show in a skimpy outfit. Like incredibly skimpy. I will say I have a fear of that store in the mall. They don't even carry my size. I went once and the store employee firmly stated that they do not carry my size and that I would have better luck elsewhere. Anyhoo, I woke up and was so thankful to have shorts and a tank on...oddly I never thought I'd be thankful for that.

My families good friends have two sons. One who was just shipped off to Afganistan and one who will be heading there next month. The one who is going next month recentely was married and his first kid was born. Anyways, his mother is trying to set me up with the MINISTER who married her son and his wife. Yup, army minister I guess. Since when is 22 the age to start being set up on dates? I just hope that this minister isn't at their sons deployment send-off party. My family is unable to attend but I am being sent as the official ambassador with my famous cookies so I will have no one to hide behind to avoid the awkward conversation that will surely happen if I have to talk to the minister. The word minister freaks me out.

Hopefully my blogging will return to its regularly scheduled posting next week. 

Friday, September 3


Oh my goodness I am so glad it is Friday. I worked 7:30-12 and then drove two hours for Tysabri. On Tuesday my left hand started going asleep a lot. I didn't think much of it but of course my pinkie and ring finger are now completely numb with my hand and forearm going back and forth between tingling and numb. Personally I prefer right hand and foot are numb and at least my right side will some company. The whole asleep, super tingly feeling is so freaken annoying. Well, I did not call my doctor, because honestly I didn't want steroids. I do not like moon face. Moon face is so not my look.

Today at Tysabri I mentioned my numbness to the nurse who of course called the PA because my doctor is on vacation. The PA came down and went over my options: 1) steroids today 2) MRI asap and then steroids or 3) wait and see but still get a spine MRI anyways.

I choose to skip the steroids and he was rather perplexed by my decision. He's new to the office and well he has never ever met me before. As my doctor says I am a special case. Steroids do nothing for me but cause the great side effects that we all love to hate. So my doctor never goes for steroids unless he has no other options. So I explained to him my reasoning and he agreed that steroids seemed like the wrong reaction for now. So they scheduled me for a MRI on Sunday. I was perfectly OK with next week or the week after...or never. I always find it weird when doctors are more concerned than the patient. So Sunday I will once again be stuffed in a MRI least I will get a good nap in.

My good news for this post is that I will be picking up my new car on Wednesday at 5! I am so excited!

Wednesday, September 1

I called my insurance company for a quote for the car I will be leasing as soon as the insurance part is straightened up. After going through the vin number and such I was quoted:

$1,950 a year. I almost feel off my chair. Now my parents has prepared me for an increase and they kept saying "it can't be worse than the Mustang"...well its just you know 750 more than a new Mustang. You know its bad when the insurance agent who you met once says "Umm don''t sign the lease yet...I'm going to call around because you shouldn't be paying that ever."

To top off my day I went to write my FIRST check today to hold my car at Honda. I was so excited, my first check with my name on it and everything. I just set up my checking account and got checks last week in the mail. When I got the checks I made sure they were all in the box and stuffed them away. Today I go to fill out my first check and guess last name was spelled totally wrong. There apparently was some miscommunication between my credit union and the check maker.

Oh and did I mention I mislabeled over 40 files today at work. Talk about wanting to bang my head against the desk.

Is it Friday yet?

Oh and once again I am exhausted so there was no spell check or editing...I apologize if that offends the perfectionists out there :)