Wednesday, September 1

I called my insurance company for a quote for the car I will be leasing as soon as the insurance part is straightened up. After going through the vin number and such I was quoted:

$1,950 a year. I almost feel off my chair. Now my parents has prepared me for an increase and they kept saying "it can't be worse than the Mustang"...well its just you know 750 more than a new Mustang. You know its bad when the insurance agent who you met once says "Umm don''t sign the lease yet...I'm going to call around because you shouldn't be paying that ever."

To top off my day I went to write my FIRST check today to hold my car at Honda. I was so excited, my first check with my name on it and everything. I just set up my checking account and got checks last week in the mail. When I got the checks I made sure they were all in the box and stuffed them away. Today I go to fill out my first check and guess last name was spelled totally wrong. There apparently was some miscommunication between my credit union and the check maker.

Oh and did I mention I mislabeled over 40 files today at work. Talk about wanting to bang my head against the desk.

Is it Friday yet?

Oh and once again I am exhausted so there was no spell check or editing...I apologize if that offends the perfectionists out there :)

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  1. will it hurt your feelings if i say i didn't notice any mispellings or anything like that? lol.... i mean as long as we get the message, right?

    re: the car, avoid the volt. lol.


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