Monday, September 20

Long time no blog...

Theres alot going on in my head. Instead of blogging all my thoughts and such I thought I would just pop in and leave you with a few things.

Last night I woke up sweating from a dream, like one of those nasty sweats where you feel like you've just stepped out of the shower that you took with all of your clothes on. wasn't a inappropriate dream with like Gerard Butler...or someone with an accent (gosh forbid I enjoy my dream)...I woke up after dreaming that I was pushed out onto the stage at a Victoria Secret Runway Show in a skimpy outfit. Like incredibly skimpy. I will say I have a fear of that store in the mall. They don't even carry my size. I went once and the store employee firmly stated that they do not carry my size and that I would have better luck elsewhere. Anyhoo, I woke up and was so thankful to have shorts and a tank on...oddly I never thought I'd be thankful for that.

My families good friends have two sons. One who was just shipped off to Afganistan and one who will be heading there next month. The one who is going next month recentely was married and his first kid was born. Anyways, his mother is trying to set me up with the MINISTER who married her son and his wife. Yup, army minister I guess. Since when is 22 the age to start being set up on dates? I just hope that this minister isn't at their sons deployment send-off party. My family is unable to attend but I am being sent as the official ambassador with my famous cookies so I will have no one to hide behind to avoid the awkward conversation that will surely happen if I have to talk to the minister. The word minister freaks me out.

Hopefully my blogging will return to its regularly scheduled posting next week. 

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