Friday, September 3


Oh my goodness I am so glad it is Friday. I worked 7:30-12 and then drove two hours for Tysabri. On Tuesday my left hand started going asleep a lot. I didn't think much of it but of course my pinkie and ring finger are now completely numb with my hand and forearm going back and forth between tingling and numb. Personally I prefer right hand and foot are numb and at least my right side will some company. The whole asleep, super tingly feeling is so freaken annoying. Well, I did not call my doctor, because honestly I didn't want steroids. I do not like moon face. Moon face is so not my look.

Today at Tysabri I mentioned my numbness to the nurse who of course called the PA because my doctor is on vacation. The PA came down and went over my options: 1) steroids today 2) MRI asap and then steroids or 3) wait and see but still get a spine MRI anyways.

I choose to skip the steroids and he was rather perplexed by my decision. He's new to the office and well he has never ever met me before. As my doctor says I am a special case. Steroids do nothing for me but cause the great side effects that we all love to hate. So my doctor never goes for steroids unless he has no other options. So I explained to him my reasoning and he agreed that steroids seemed like the wrong reaction for now. So they scheduled me for a MRI on Sunday. I was perfectly OK with next week or the week after...or never. I always find it weird when doctors are more concerned than the patient. So Sunday I will once again be stuffed in a MRI least I will get a good nap in.

My good news for this post is that I will be picking up my new car on Wednesday at 5! I am so excited!

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