Friday, August 27

Jobs and the insane interviews that are required

I will just make the statement that interviews are by far the most terrifying experiences. I would rather bungee jump off bridges, ride the tallest roller coasters and sky-dive over going through an interview. I had a interview, and I mean a big interview, on Wednesday. I sat across from a panel of 4 people : the owner, the owners wife, the partner and the office manager. It was terrifying. It's one of those interviews were you secretly hope that everyone is a germaphobe so they won't shake your hand because your hand is so sweaty its embarrassing and you start to think maybe I should get botox in my hand because I've heard that its makes your sweat glands stop sweating or something.

See and then kinda like that last sentence my brain jumps around like a thousand jumping beans are jumbling my thoughts and complete random things come out. I do think that despite my extreme nerves I did quite well and plus they only interviewed 5 candidates from a sea of interested people. So I should feel confident in that and if I don't get the job it was a learning experience...and oh I kind of just was hired today and a technology company doing geeky things for the next month/month and a half or at least I will be entertained for a while.

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