Tuesday, August 10

Tysabri #21

Yesterday I had my 21st Tysabri infusion. I learned a new fact - I am the only patient at the office who has been put on Tysabri before trying any other drug. At first my competitive side took over and was thinking "oh - I'm awesome I'm the only one" but then my logical side imparted its wisdom with "thats not necessarily a good thing." Luckily I feel better after getting Tysabri so I'm back to my normal perky self.

Oh and I had a MRI yesterday. The only thing I have to say is blood everywhere. So MRI's with contrast involve iv's and dye. The PA that put in my IV must have had a off day because blood ended up everywhere. I never look at the whole inserting the iv thing so when the PA said it was all done I looked and gagged as my arm was covered in blood. No bueno. Anyways - other than the messiness the MRI went well. I never ever fall asleep in cars or planes, or any place other than a bed, but I always am able to fall asleep in a MRI tube with the loudest banging and clunking noises ever. I guess I am gifted. 


  1. yes you are gifted. i can't have mri's now but before i had my implant, i could. they would give me panic attacks. i had to be semi-sedated!

  2. Once I stopped having a panic attack over the IV in my arm I also slept through the MRI I had earlier this year. The loud noise ended up being surprisingly lulling with all its predictability. :p


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