Saturday, March 6

I kinda feel like my grandpa...

Why you ask? Well when he has a bad experience somewhere he will make a formal complaint. He will call, or write a letter and let that business know that he is dissatisfied. I never really saw the point in doing that...until last night. Steph and I hit up Cold Stone last night for some ice cream.

We had the absolute worst customer service there ever. I honestly couldn't believe it...we were both in shock at how rude the employees were to us. They actually messed up Stephs order and instead of starting new, the girl scrapped out some of the peanuts she put in, but she left a large amount behind and then just continued making Stephs oder.

Steph and I are the absolute opposite of confrontational, but after that and some other rude comments I was a bit urked (like when I commented that the sized of my ice cream looked massive for the smallest size and the employee ringing me up snapped and pointed to the board and told me that I should have read the prices before I complained about them...the best part was Steph's laugh as she tried to refrain from choking on her ice was the most random thing ever)

Anyways I actually just finished a customer service complaint from their website...they just sent a confirmation number for an incident report as well...the weird thing is that I feel pretty good. I kinda feel like a grown-up....I am 21 in all....but still, it is kinda cool.

Maybe Cold Stone will be a bit nicer the next time we visit considering the fact that we still have balances left on our gift cards and all.

The weird thing is I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that her and I both look really young...I stopped at a bakery today in Pittsford and all they have are cupcakes. I picked out the flavor I wanted and the woman behind the counter asked what I wanted and this is how the conversation went:

Me: I'll have the signature chocolate.
Employee: Just one?
Me: Yes, please
Employee: grabs box and looks up, what do you want again?
Me: The signature chocolate please ( I even pointed this time - and plus there was 3 flavors - a vanilla thing, chocolate and peanut butter)
Employee: grabs the peanut butter
Me: Oh...can I have the signature chocolate (points again)
Employee: Just stares...
Me: Umm the one with the chocolate on top
Employee: grabs the right cupcake, shoves it in a box and rings it up.

Maybe its cause I am a business major, but hello earthlings - customer service is key! Happy customers = money and a bakery that stays afloat...this shouldn't be a new lesson to anyone. Plus if you work at a bakery, you should know your flavors - geeze there were only three.

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