Monday, March 29

Throw Back...Semi Formal

The school district that I went to split up their schools a bit differently than most schools I know, school was split up like this:

Elementary School -K-4
Middle School - 5-7
Junior High - 8-9
High School - 10-12

In 9th grade we had a giant semi formal event. It was like prom for 9th graders. I got this amazing dress, it was this turquoise bright blue and it was a mermaid fit with a halter style top. I was like in love with that dress. My mom and I had searched all over to find a dress that I was in love with and when we finally found it I was just so excited.

My mom took a ton of pictures and I just remember having an amazing time.

When my mom went to develop her pictures she realized that she had never put film in the camera...I think I have one picture somewhere with me in that dress that hopefully I can find somewhere when I am home for Easter.

Anyways, why I am I telling you all this...well I heard about this program called Becca's Closet where you can donate you prom dresses and they have events where girls who can't afford prom dresses can go and pick out a dress for free. We all had prom dresses where you just know you are never going to have a fancy enough event to wear it again to so this is your solution to doing something good with a dress that would otherwise just sit in your closet. I will say I will prob. never give up my senior prom dress, heck I am wearing it to formal in two weeks...

So sure, I can probably squeeze into that dress again from 9th grade, but realistically I'm never going to wear it again, and if it means that someone can wear it and have a amazing time and make some memories, then I have no problem giving it up.

Now I am off to art history to debate whether or not art should be displayed by time/location or by aesthetic value. I'm arguing for asthetic value...should be uh fun.

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