Monday, March 15

watch out. I bite.

Don't get me wrong, I am feeling great, grand, wonderful...but takes about stupid thing to get me to snap, and when I snap I bite.

Today I had a dentist appointment, or so I thought I did. On my appointment card it clearly stated March 15th at 12:30. This morning I get a phone call reminding me about my appointment on the 16th at 2:20. I hate the dentist, I dread them, I would rather eat spiders and wander through sewers barefoot. Anyways, I told the lady that my card clearly states today, and that I am ready to go today and I'm not going to guarantee that I'll show up tomorrow. So she gave me a appointment at 2:10.

So I go in today, and at my dentist you have to wear obnoxious booties over your shoes so you don't dirty the floors. Well then your shoes slide on the fake hardwood and then I have trouble staying upright. One day I will fall, its just a matter of time. Oh and I have a cavity. Its not new, they have just "overlooked it" the past year, but its the first I heard of it.

The dental hygienist kept asking for my changes in history, which I clearly stated on the update form were "none." She asked about 5 times if I was feeling alright, and if I was sure nothing changed. My answers were something like, "yup I am fine, nothing has changed", "yup, still fine" "nope, nothing has changed" "nope" and "no"...then she asked if I was alright because I looked a bit irritated...

Seriously, I remember when my health information didn't say multiple sclerosis and no one ever questioned my it says it and you are going to pester me and be surprised when I get irritated.

So once again, its safe to say, I hate the dentist.