Sunday, July 26

firemen sure can barbecue

Today my family and I headed up north ( about 10 miles from Canada) to go to a barbecue with about 6 other retired firemen and there spouses. Its always a good time and there is always plenty of good food. One of the firemen has a camp on a lake that only has about 4 or 5 other camps, and its super quiet and just really pretty. I am really not a nature girl though, bugs and snakes and fish are not really my thing. However my family all loves to fish, so I do have a bit of the fishing gene somewhere in me. My brother caught a 13 inch bass ( we were trying to catch a snake- well let me clarify I was trying to keep a eye out on the snack because I feared it would charge in the water at me)...and then I also caught a fish- 17 inch large mouth bass...the whole touching, holding, grabbing fish freaks me out but I always have amusing pictures with me and fish. I just really wanted to let go of that fish...I sorta kinda dropped it a few times...but don't worry all you Peta people, I let it go and it swam away off to make new fishies!


  1. Haha, us Peta people are glad it survived.

  2. Nice fish. I'm glad you released him since I'm a PETA kinda girl :)


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