Friday, July 24


On my birthday my mom and I went cd hunting for a Japanese import cd, that has been out of production for a while, but I kinda had to have it. I do admit that I have a problem, I am obsessed with music, at least I will admit it. Anyways, we went to some undergroundish shops but sadly no luck in finding it. Luckily amazon had it, well I ordered it from a dealer, half the price of amazon too...still like 20 dollars...and umm it may only have 7 songs...BUT it has one of my favorite songs- Konstantine by Something Corporate. The song is 9:35 minutes long and yeah I am in love with it...

I randomly got called to babysit today. It was kinda amusing, my neighbor called me at 1:55 and she wanted me to babysit at 2. So of course I did, I watched a nine year old Girl, aka Ash aka Ashlyn...I like Ash better though. We played wii and I got my butt kicked. The best conversation I have had with a 9 year old is below..

Ash- How old are you?
Me- I am 21, I just had a birthday.
Ash- Do you have a boyfriend?
Me- Umm no I don't.
Ash- That's not your boyfriend in the picture.
( my brother and my senior picture is hanging on our living room wall, along with some random family photos)
Me- No, oh-my-gosh! Thats my brother!
(if I never mentioned this, my brother is 19 and most certianly has his own following of girls...)
Ash- Oh, he's cute, is he home?
Me- Uhhh do you want a popsicle?

I have a NYS teaching exam tomorrow. It is called the CST or something. Its the content based business and marketing test, I think its like 90 multiple questions and a short essay. 3 hours in a room, with no air, in a hot school should be a blast!

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  1. That's great that you found the CD you were looking for! I remember when my hsuband used to go hunting for those hard to find Blind Melon CDs.


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