Tuesday, July 7

Catching up and such

Last Friday my mom and I went to see The Proposal. I loved that movie, mainly because I love Sandra Bulluck and Ryan Renoylds and Betty White. It was hilarious, and both my mom and I laughed so hard we cried during a few scenes.

If you need a good laugh- go see it!

I have been feeling crappy, back to the whole, wake up and feel more tired than I did when I went to bed, routine. I have just stopped talking to my parents about it because they just say "well go to bed earlier." I think when I am getting 10 hours of sleep a night that is plenty...

Side note...
I have been having the strangest dreams though. I'll share one because it really freaked me out.
My father and I were in our car, driving through my grandparents town. It was storming outside and my father pulled onto a side road. The road was bumpy and curvy and all gravel. we traveled down through thick trees and slowly the trees became more sparse. We started to pass by grave stones and finally we made it to this parking lot in a clearing. We got out of the car and we headed up this hill to a small office. We waited in a long line and I looked down and noticed I was dressed in 40's threads...Anyways we get to the front of the line and my dad asks where my great grandfathers grave is...and the woman points down this path and my dad nudges me to go find it. I stat to walk down the path and its pouring out, and so I walk faster and faster and finally up ahead I see people gathered and as I go to walk by I see my mom, and grandma and my other relatives and they tell me that my grandfather died and i instantly started crying.

I woke up crying. It was one freaky dream.

End of side note

Of course when I feel crappy, I am in a crappy mood, and I hate being in a funk, the one where you would rather do nothing that do anything at all. I dragged myself out to the grocery story tonight to get cake mix for cupcakes and I was walking through the store and all of a sudden got super panicky, it was like people overload or something.

I had a appointment with my dermatologist today, I love her, she is very smart and just easy to talk to. Her nurse however, was awful...I don't mind giving a update of whats going on, but she wanted to know the ins and outs of me and my MS and yeah I can talk about it, but when I am not in the most upbeat moods, I cant talk about it. She didn't get it, and kept prodding...finally I said, I told you this all last night, check the chart.

In other news, I am going to Rochester tomorrow night, I have plans for dinner with Steph's family and the Thursday I have Tysabri. Steph is coming with me Thursday because I have the serious urge to boycott Tysabri, I see my neurologist on Monday and I have some stuff to ask him...important stuff I think...who knows...but its late and bed sounds quiet nice now...

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  1. I can relate to several things in this post. I too have been waking feeling crappy and exhausted. Sometimes 10 hours sleep just doesn't do it. I use caffeine to really get me up but I still nap most days too. Folks without MS can never understand the fatigue. You tell someone you're tired and they are like, "Yeah I get really tired too." Not like this you don't. The exhaustion can be so bad it makes you physically ill.

    I also have been having some strange dreams. Last night's woke me up and then when I went back to sleep I started dreaming again.

    I also can get easily overloaded and panic when I feel bad. That happened to me a little on Monday when I had some vertigo. It almost makes me nervous to leave the house.

    On a final note, I also sometimes get tired of answering a million questions about my health. I am especially irrated when i don't feel well.

    Now that I've commisserated-- I hope you have a good trip.


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