Wednesday, April 28

The dangers of walking

Walking is a dangerous activity. I was walking with one of the Hannahs up to the bookstore and before I knew what happened I was on the ground, face down of course, with books everywhere. I am glad I had sweatpants on because I am sure taking the fall in a pair of jeans on the pavement would have cause some serious rip-age in the knee area. The blood alone was rather impressive, apparently I am a pretty good bleeder.

So I am guessing I also managed to roll my ankle because it hurts like a (insert expletives). So if murdering my knee and ankle wasn't bad enough, I even managed to fall on my wrist so that can be added to the list of injuries.

Luckily for me, MS walk is Sunday! 4 days to be magically healed.


  1. You had better be careful in assessing the damage to your ankle before putting it through the strains of walking in the walk. If there is a w/c available, suck it up, wrap your ankle, and use it! Don't be proud, and in so doing, be very proud.

    Just sayin'.

  2. Where are you walking? I am walking with some friends from work in Philadelphia.


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