Sunday, April 25

First concert of the year...finally!

My mom bought my roommates and I all tickets to see Matt Nathanson (yes, my absolute favorite musician EVER)! So Friday night we all headed down the road to my brothers college, which is like seriously a mile away. We waited outside in line for a while for the doors to open because lets face it, I was too excited for the show to wait around in my apartment!

The concert was amazing! My roommates have only heard me talk and gush about Matt and of course I had put his music on all their computers, but it was the first time they had ever seen him live. Matt is amazing live...simply amazing. The last time I saw him I was blessed with "chipmunk cheeks" or as my doctor calls it my "moon face."

Apparently air conditioning at my brothers school was a had to be around 85 degrees in there. We were packed in like sardines, but I would not have it any other way. During the open act, a girl in the crowd fainted....yup, it was that hot. Anyways he played some songs that he doesn't usually play live like Bulletproof Weeks...I was dying to hear this song live. Its amazing...and during the song the audience was so freaken quiet. Matt posted a message on Twitter after the show that said "thank u rochester & st. john fisher 4 a great nite & the pin drop quiet during 'bulletproof weeks.' holiest of craps u're good to me! gnite." Of course Hannah and I had a girl behind us who decided that for every song she was going to be Matt's backup singer...Now, I am by no means a singer nor do I have any musical talent, but it may be safe to say that I have more that she does...she was bad. At one point one of her friends asked what song it was and she said "Heartbreak World"...Hannah and I simultaneous corrected her...

Even with the off key, wanna-be back up singer, I couldn't have asked for more of a amazing night.

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