Friday, April 16

Tysabri #...I don't even know

So Tysabri...everything went well...I have a cute little bruise and everything.

However, my vitamin D level is 18 (norm is like 30-80 according to my infusion nurse), and that was in December. Apparently the office "forgot" to call me. Luckily my infusion nurse noticed and she assumes it is probably lower now being 4 month later...I bet this has something to do with my feeling blah.

I had to crawl through my trunk, luckily I have a SUV to leave the parking lot. The two cars on either side of me didn't think enough to leave room to walk between let alone open a door. Security saw me and helped close my trunk once I was in and helped guide me out of my spot. Ugh.


  1. i never even had a vitamin d test!no matter what med i've been i wish i would've!

  2. My vitamin D is constantly low even though I take 1000iu a day. This last time I had it tested it was 10. They always put me on the 50,000 iu for a month and then retest. This time they put me on 50,000 iu for 12 weeks. Hopefully they will put you on this. It is only 1 pill a week and I really think that it makes me feel better.


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