Tuesday, April 6

Last night I could sleep. My body was craving sleep but my head had other plans. My brain decided to run through check-list after check-list of things I still have to do.

- Get my art history topic OK'd...which by the way is seeming to be a bit impossible...after two rejections I have threatened to just quit school after I professed my pure frustration to one of my roommates.
- Resume. It's not done, nor do I know what the heck I want to do with my life...isn't that the point of college, to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life? I made a appointment with career services for Friday...they are resume experts...if they can't fix my resume no one can.
- Teaching Certification Application. Basically pay 50 dollars to get a piece of paper that I have no intentions of ever using. Maybe I will cut it up and use it to decoupage.
- Find a job. This can't happen without completing my resume. I was able to convince myself last night that I was never going to find a job. I couldn't find a summer job last year, so how do I expect to find a actual job this year? It's funny how persuasive your mind can be at night...I was throughly convinced that I am never going to have a job.
- Figure out health care. May 10th...doom day, my health care coverage is over. Which this part makes me laugh because lets face it, its stressful, and out of all my friends I am the only one who is like "omg! I need insurance."

With those four topics swirling around in my spotted brain sleep was impossible. I am ready to just check out for the time being...press pause and step aside from it all.

I'm curious about one thing though...I've heard of mail order brides but are there mail order husbands that come with amazing insurance coverage? It's just an idea...
- Actually I just googled it...people actually do things like that...heck I need to join that club. Apparently this woman, Terri Carlson, is kinda serious about it.

I am also curious about having MS and then trying to get health insurance when I get a job...how does that work, does it count as a preexisting condition? Am I going to have trouble getting insurance?

That is enough thinking for now I suppose.

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  1. My EX and I moved up our marriage date probably a full year so that I could get health insurance and we could qualify for a VA mortgage.

    Boy do I regret that decision! :-<

    But if it's all "business", well... =)


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