Tuesday, July 16

'Twas The Week Before The Century

Saturday I'll be cycling my second century and unlike last year I'm not nervous at all. It's amazing how a year of cycling makes a world of difference in my confidence levels. I spent the weeks leading up to the ride asking Erik the same question repeatedly: "do you think I can actually do this?" I'm sure by the 10th time he answered it he had his response pretty much memorized for the next 40 or so times I asked.

Last year we took the day before the ride off from work and drove down early to get ready. While part of that was because it was also my birthday the main reason was because I was so antsy to get there and make sure everything was perfect. This year it's pretty much the complete opposite. I figured if I survived last years, I can expect to survive it again this year. 

We are both working all day Friday and then will meet up to drive the 2 hour drive which means we will be missing check in completely. Luckily my parents are volunteering and offered to pick up our room keys because we will definitely not make the 2 hour window to pick them up ourselves. I have no idea what we will do for dinner and even that isn't worrying me. The weather shows risks for thunderstorms and rain but we will ride either way, so fretting about the weather seems pointless.

Last year I worried endlessly about nutrition and staying hydrated. Last night I completed my century grocery list by buying a box of oatmeal cream pies Long rides this year have been fueled by Little Debby. While some would argue this isn't the "cleanest" nutrition strategy I've come to realize that in the end you just need calories. As for keeping hydrated I'll bring two bottles with me to start and some Nuun tabs but will probably switch to Gatorade at some point.

My last long ride was Saturday in which I rode 48 miles on flat country roads alone. I was out visiting a friend and surprisingly had no takers on a group ride. I headed out early which a planned route that I made sure to pass along to my friend in case I needed to be rescued. While I can change a flat tire, my bikes skinny tires makes it quite challenging and being stranded is not exactly ideal. 

The route was pretty much flat but between miles 16-33ish it was straight into the wind which was a little painful. Usually my longer rides are with Erik and I've grown accustomed to having someone to draft. My only mistake during this ride was the fact that I brought plain waiter instead of Nuun or some other electrolyte beverage. Plain water does the trick for shorter rides but around mile 45 I started cramping up. Of course I was about 3 miles from the end so I stretched and sucked it up and peddled to the end. Unfortunately everyone was gone when I arrived and I was locked out. Fortunately I had left a Gatorade in my friends car and I was beyond thrilled when I realized the car was still open. 

My rides this week are pretty much the usual, about 15-25 miles in length but nothing to crazy. I may reattempt a nasty hill climb tonight but it's beyond hot outside so I may cut that out. 

In the final bit of news, Saturday is also my birthday and I'll be turning 25. Honestly, my biggest concern for Saturday has nothing to do with the ride, I'm just worried about where I'll be getting birthday dessert. Obviously I have my priorities set straight. 


  1. I'm sure you will do great! Good for you for signing up again this year. I'll be thinking of you and hoping for good weather while you ride.


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