Friday, May 7

Senior Week!

Senior week is still going strong around campus. Basically during senior week almost all the seniors are trashed. I even had a discussion with one of my roommates about how they have yet to destroy their livers yet...we still cant figure it out...I think I have only talked to our neighbors once when they were sober and they were over asking for a corkscrew, so we know their soberness didn't last long.

<----- Picture from the Senior Banquet tonight

The picture is from the after party at one of our friends room...our night started with the guy who invited us over making a weird diluted kool-aid concoction which turned out to have way more alcohol in it than any of use realised...maybe that's why I look so happy in the picture.

Tomorrow we are pretty busy with the senior brunch with a special surprise, then graduation rehearsal, a senior send-off (not sure what that actually means, but there is food and our fridge is looking sketchy), oh and lastly there will also be senior bar night downtown. I never saw pictures from last nights bar night but it was pretty fun, kinda chill and quiet which was a nice change up. The place last night had a capacity limit of 90 1/2 (I'm curious who would make up the 1/2 of person though) and we totally were pouring out of that bar...

Well its 1:50am, so I suppose I am off to bed...

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