Thursday, October 25

Happy Belated Anniversary To Me

Blogging consistently is tough, I'm busy, I'm sure you are busy, so yeah let's just leave it there.

I'm currently free as one arm has a IV sticking out of it*. I'd provide a picture but who really needs or wants to see that? It's that time again, infusion day, and honestly I have no idea what number infusion it is. I was going to ask the nurse but she graciously allowed me to escape about 30 minutes early after I joked that I've spent a ridiculous amount of hours in the infusion chairs.

A few weeks ago I quietly remembered it was my diagnosis 4 year "anniversary." There may have been cake and there probably would have been wine if I could have found the corkscrew. Every year I've set out to make things better or push myself harder. You know, kinda as a way to say F-you MS, I'm better than ever...or maybe some kind of a I'm awesome and MS just isn't. The people in my life that know I have MS are always surprised on my positive attitude on things but the reality is that I believe if you wait for doom to come it will make your life miserable. Why be miserable if you can choose to live in the moment and just be happy? Positivity is the best drug, seriously, and as cheesy as it sounds I really do believe it.

I'm proud of what I've accomplished since my diagnosis (i.e., graduating college, getting a job, completing a century ride) but I can't help but wonder what I am going to do in the years to come. When I was diagnosed the major thing I wanted to accomplish and worked towards for a long time was the century ride, but now that's done and over what's next?

It's a weird feeling having no big goal to work I am hoping I'll be able to come up with that sometime soon. To keep myself busy I've signed up for a last minute century ride the first Saturday in November. When I say I've signed up I really mean is that I was egged on by two coworkers and my boyfriend so while I would have happily remained in pj's all day I guess that isn't going to happen. I realize that it is less that two weeks away, and yeah it's going to hurt quite a bit. I've been using my bike trainer which is awesome but I am no where close to being in century shape. I spent two hours on my trainer Tuesday night for some much needed saddle time and I'm still sore today. I'm trying to look at the two major positives for this ride - it's a flat course and my parents live near by so I can be rescued with a quick phone call.

Life is funny though because as soon as I moved my social life ramped up and my schedule has become slammed. The dishes in my sink are piling up and my cabinets are looking bare as I try to find time to hit the store. It's definitely a learning curve to keeping things going, and I'm becoming a master planner at scheduling my time which helps. I just keep saying to myself that things will calm down next month, but truth is I've been saying that for the past 3 months.

Here's to hoping to a quiet November I guess...

*uh, yeah, that was Monday, today is Thursday...whoops


  1. i am the same way, i like having something to work for and right now i am in the same boat. I feel like I am just trying to get by but no bigger picture has been determined yet.

    1. It's such a weird place to be in...I'm sure you'll figure something out...maybe theres a PR goal you'll be chasing soon!

  2. I have a feeling life will be a grand adventure for you!


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