Sunday, September 30

Updates: When Life Interferes with Blogging...

I think when I last posted I promised pictures of my new apartment. Well, while I don't have pictures yet (I know, I know, it's been weeks) I do have life updates which are pretty awesome too...or at least I hope they are.

Life has been busy, work has been consuming the majority of my time and up until this past Friday I have worked through lunch breaks consistently and had worked late almost every night. My work laptop has even found its way home with me which I swore was something would never happen. I found myself at my Tysabri infusion the other day with said laptop in tow so I could manage some work even though one arm was hooked to a IV. 

However, all my hard work has paid off...I got promoted Friday. In the next year I will work on transitioning from my current position of lead graphics tech into programmer. It's a move I never thought would happen as that's not the usually move in the company to make but I am excited at the challenge  Both my boss, his boss, and president of the company seem confident in the move too which is reassuring. 

I am almost all moved out which is exciting. Living alone is certainly different but so far things have gone well. I've learned that grocery shopping for one is tough. It's hard to justify some items when you know there is no humanly way possible to eat it all before it expires. I think it will take a while for me to figure it out, but I'm sure when I do I will have more exciting lunches than just vegetarian chili for a week solely because it's cheap  and tasty.

Last night I booked Erik's sister a one way ticket from NYC to upstate. Megabus sure knows how to make things easy...a $5.50 ticket is a amazing price for a drive that takes 3+ hours one way. Erik's younger sister will be coming to stay with Erik for the next month or so until she gets her license and hopefully a job. She's been in the city for over a year and a half now and has yet to find a serious position and it seems she's outta money and real options. She has been lucky enough to stay with her older sisters while she was there but it seems they are running out of patience with the whole situation as well. It will be a interesting change for hopefully everything works out for the best. 

Today is the first day I've had completely off in weeks and I get to spend it completely alone. Erik is spending his day on some guys mountain bike ride which is great for him and I think I'll spend mine baking and watching movies which sounds perfectly perfect to me.

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