Friday, September 7

The Adventures of Renting - Furnishing Empty Space

Like I mentioned last post I signed my first lease. I have yet to move in even though the utilities are in my name and I have keys in my possession. The not so great part about going from high school to college to home again is that you never really get adult'ish furniture unless you live somewhere else other than a dorm in college.

I was pretty adamant in getting furniture and then moving in because while I really like my clothes and my CD collection I know that staying alone for weeks with just those things would probably induce a OMG I HATE THIS AND EVERYTHING IS HORRIBLE funk. For the past two years or so I have just been really happy. I'm aware of how stupid this sounds and I know that we all have our days but I've just been happy. After I was diagnosed with MS almost 4 years ago (4 years in October) I went through a period where I was pretty miserable. Thankfully things have since turned around but I just had this feeling if I just sat alone in a empty apartment some of those negative thoughts would creep back into my life. So I made a executive decision to work hard and get real stuff before I made the big move.

Last weekend I bought a new mattress, my very own queen size mattress. Fact- I've never slept along in a bed that big and I can count the number of times I've shared a bed that big on one hand and those times have been on vacation when I smushed next to some family member. It's not weird that I am most excited about a new adult sized bed is it?

Tuesday I set out to Marshells and Target with one mission - buy bedding. I left Marshalls empty handed and I left Target $82 dollars poorer and still bedding-less. It's mind boggling how much time and money can be spent in Target and how easily I can do it.

Of course as nice as a mattress is I still need more than just that. So this weekend I was able to talk Erik into driving down near Philly to visit a IKEA with his truck because I think all that would fit in my two door Civic would be a few lamps. Of course the total trip time is just about 9 and a 1/2 hours (my apartment to IKEA to Erik's (dropping off his bed frame and picking up my mattress) and back to my place).


Then of course there will be the whole now we have to build all the furniture part that will be exciting. However, for now I am choosing to pretend that doesn't have to happen. Oh and the it's totally supposed to rain...ALL WEEKEND. Hopefully things go smoothly and I have real stuff, but at least I am well aware that things just might not so hopefully freakouts will be minimal.

Tonight I am taking a trip down to my place with a bunch of my stuff and since everyone is busy I am doing it solo. I just wish books were lighter...I guess I'll just classify it as my workout for the night.

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