Wednesday, August 29

Life, It's Busy

Last weekend Erik and I took a trip to NYC to visit three of his sisters that live in Queens. We had been to NYC 2 times prior and his sisters were bugging us to visit again, the only problem was that Thursday I came down with some sort of virus that left me miserable.

Apparently the whole, sore throat, body aches, running nose and high fever is going around town and I was lucky enough to catch it. After a fever of 102.5 Thursday night I was able to bring it back down so that I could go to work on Friday because Friday night I had big plans. Matt Nathanson was playing at the NYS fair and since I live about 10 minutes from it I had to go. It was the fifth time I've seen him live and this time I went with my mom and met my old roommate and her sister there.

At least Hannah brought a picture to prove we were actually there. Luckily I was able to have a continuous flow of Morton in my system to keep my fever at the sweat-wicking material sometimes comes in handy outside of a workout.

 I've actually started inviting Hannah to all the concerts I go to just so I can quality pictures.
When the concert was over I dropped my mom off with my dad and then headed down to Erik's. I arrived around midnight and was starting to actually look forward to the city trip. I had pretty laid back plans for the city: visit the Intrepid museum (Erik had been wanting to go for a while), visit a bakery or two, see the Guggenheim and walk the Highline at night.
Of course things never really go according to plan and I am still trying to work on being able to just go with the flow of the given situation. Truth be told I failed at this miserably. The Intrepid left us both unimpressed and since it ate up alot of time we ended up ditching our Manhattan plans for a late brunch (3PM is NOT brunch). Followed by a unimpressive brunch where the only vegetarian option was eggs and a spinach filled croissant I was starting to get alittle annoyed.
Erik and I called it a early night after a torturous dinner (think wet salad and a unripe avocado with just oil as the dressing) I mentioned that I wouldn't mind leaving the city earlier than planned.
Luckily I woke up the next morning in a better mood and after breakfast and a trip to IKEA I was actually enjoying the trip. Before we left Erik and I had our first Thai experience with two of his sisters that was quite enjoyable and we were just happy we were able to salvage the weekend.
Monday I had Tysabri scheduled so I ducked out of work early and headed over to Rochester. Tysabri was actually pretty eventful since the couple that sat next to me (the woman was getting infused and her boyfriend tagged along) got into a heated argument after the boyfriend found a text from another guy on her phone. I started getting nervous when the guy started pacing the room (it was just me in there with them) and started saying "just because we are in the hospital doesn't mean I won't f- you up." Yeah, that was grand. Luckily when my nurse noticed what was going on she pretended that my infusion was over and moved me to another room and I think security was brought in to assess the sitution.
After Tyrabri I had a MRI (I get 2 a year on Tysabri) but since it was in the same hospital they left in my IV. I also added a second hospital bracelet in addition to my infusion one and as I walked around the hospital I was asked various times if I was lost or as one security guard said "I would think you were escaping but you just look so aren't escaping...right?"
I was able to meet up with my best friend afterwards for dinner and some shopping which was a added bonus since I don't get to see her all that often. By the time I got home it was well beyond 11 and I crashed pretty hard. My cold/virus has been sticking around so I am hoping with a few days of more low-key activity is will clear out of my system.
I know this post is getting long but there is just one more pretty exciting piece of news in my life...I signed my first apartment lease last night! More on that to come soon!


  1. aw man sorry you were sick, I feel like i always get hit with something at the worst times!

    1. I know - whenever I'm really looking forward to something I tend to get sick - such a weird circle of events!

  2. i stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed reading your words. i too have ms and i am getting my 58th dose of tysabri tomorrow.

    sounds like you are young, it must be very difficult to deal with!! best of luck to you!!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment and thank you for the well wishes!


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