Tuesday, November 13

Happy Hour Yoga

It's about time I take a break from some of these darker posts that I've been writing for both my sanity and yours. While things were still a little rocky Friday I decided to treat myself to a yoga class before heading down to Erik's for the weekend. I've been researching studios around my apartment and I came across one that looked promising. Friday nights there is a happy hour yoga class with a special price of $5. I figured it's hard to turn down a class priced like that and at that point I was pretty much desperate for a hour long break from my thoughts.

While I initially had trouble finding the studio which is in a old factory which I think had something to do with the fact that it was pretty much pitch dark outside and the signs for yoga weren't exactly lit up, I eventually awkwardly followed one person inside this abandoned factory because she was carrying a yoga mat.

I always find it funny that while I get super nervous in new situations I'm usually feel pretty darn confident walking into fitness type classes. I was able to chat with the instructor for a bit before picking a spot in the studio to pick up my mat. It was pretty apparent that there is a core group of people that show up on Friday nights and I apparently had taken one of their spots. The way I look at it thought is that I showed up about 10 minutes before class and when I entered the studio is was about 2 minutes before class so if you aren't there in your spot how on earth would I know I'm in it? Of course I would have moved if it really bothered someone that much and they politely asked instead I just got to hear the grumbling about the new girl in class. Obviously that's not the best way to start but oh well it's life I suppose.

I figured if I ended up liking the class that I would continue with it for a while because after looking at my budget I figured I could swing $20 dollars a month for weekly yoga. I ended up pushing myself in the class pretty hard and was still sore about two days later but the feeling I had when I left the studio was amazing. I walked to my car and just felt lighter, I sang along to the radio the whole way to Erik's and I was just enjoying the moment for the first time in a while.

So I guess the moral of this little post is that it's good every now and then to treat yourself, it doesn't have to be something incredibly fancy, whether it's a yoga class or maybe a pedicure, it's just important to take that extra time to do something you love and that makes you happy.


  1. gosh i miss yoga! I got a groupon deal so was spoiled when i first came to dc and got to do bikram twice a week for dirt cheap. it was in a sketchy location too, right above a gas station and the door was like hidden behind a dumpster. so crazy! last place a yoga studio should be but hey I loved it. glad you got some stretching time, it made me super sore!

    1. Yeah groupon yoga deals are the best! That's a crazy location though...oh the things we do for a cheap class!


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