Thursday, November 12

Dear Anonymous..

Just so everyone is on the same page I recieved a nice comment from a reader...see below...I may be in a interesting mood but you anonymous comment givers frustrate me...oh, I changed the settings on my blog because of now have to be a registered user, maybe that will deter the unwanted comments...Don't get me wrong though, I love comments, comments that make me smile and let me know that people do understand. I am grateful beyond words for my followers, without you I doubt I would have kept this blog up for so long.

"First, it's quirk not cork. Second, you're a teacher - use spellcheck, or proof more carefully. Third, and last, I agree with you about the messes in the kitchen - especially when living with roommates. Nothing may change, but I'd gently confront the person/s responsible.

Glad you're feeling better. Keep on writing!"

Dear Anonymous...
1. If you are going to critique my blog please have the decency to at least leave a name with a email adress so I can personally thank you for visiting my blog.

2. If you seriously have issues with my grammar and spelling you can fucking close the window, there is this cute little red x in the corner of your screen...if you require further directions of how to do so just let me know.

3. I am a teacher, actually I am a student teacher, but thank you for pointing that out. I am also a 21 year old college student. I also have MS, so seeing how I have been working 8 hour days minimum for free, then completing course work for college outside of student teaching I should be allowed to have typos. Lastly I am human, we all make mistakes, we all make errors, or at least that is what I have been explaining to my students. I would just love to personally proofread your writing but oh, like I said in number 1, you left no information...

4. Blogs are ways to connect with people on a whole new level and to find support that you can not find from the people around you on a normal basis. I thoroughly enjoy every blog I follow, I may not comment all the time, but I take the time to read and listen to what that person is saying. I don't pay attention to grammer and spelling, I pay attention to what that person is saying, what they are trying to express, that is the important part.

5. I would say something mean and nasty, but I will refrain, instead I will just say that spell check is two words, not one...I mean you could hyphen it if you wanted but that is extra work. Don't fret though, we all make mistakes.

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  1. Wow, what a comment. I also do not accept anonymous comments any longer. However, that doesn't prevent someone from setting up a profile and making it unavailable.

    So glad that we MSers can see past the typos and transposed words. I remember student teaching and let's just say that there was nothing like it during my college years. Was even harder than being a graduate assistant during my master's program.

    You go girl!! You're doing great.


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