Thursday, November 12


I am weird. I am well aware of my corks...I'll even share one because I am in a very random mood.

I am a clean freak when it comes to kitchens. I have issues when other people cook, espically meat, because I am almost positive people don't know how to use a meat thermometer. I am terrified with fear of cross contamination..cutting meat with a cutting board and the cutting veggies on it that someone serves raw freaks me out...there is plently more but I wont bore you.

When a person uses pots/pans/plates/utencils to make a meal all I ask is that said tools are cleaned within a resonsonable amount of time after they have been used. This summer my dad bought me these amazing pans, lime green, coated with teflon, I could melt cheese over them and they just wipe scrubbing ever...anyways, I do not mind when my roommates use them, they are there for everyone. However, when they use them and leave them for 27 hours...yes I bugs me to no belief. No, not just one lime green pan was used but 2 pots, and big spoons all sat on the counter, just stitting in the greease and cheese and nastiness...I waited, and waited for them to be cleaned but all day all I could think about was if the kitchen was being cleaned up. It was never cleaned...I caved, I cleaned it...

I feel like I am my dad...he would never have a dirty kitchen...I hate dirty kitchens...

This is the 2nd time this week I have cleaned up a day+ later someone elses mess...I could address the issue but I know things wont change...I'm happy least when I clean them I feel like they are really clean...

Like I said, I know I am weird maybe a tad OCD, I accept it, I love it.


  1. First, it's quirk not cork. Second, you're a teacher - use spellcheck, or proof more carefully. Third, and last, I agree with you about the messes in the kitchen - especially when living with roommates. Nothing may change, but I'd gently confront the person/s responsible.

    Glad you're feeling better. Keep on writing!

  2. When I had 2 roommates, it was the bathroom. I was the one who caved first even if it wasn't my time to clean. Now a days, just don't look in my bathroom or kitchen. They are safe for sure, but maybe not spic-and-span. :)

    [BTW, does someone your age know 'spic-and-span' or am I showing my age? Just curious. I don't even know if they make that product anymore. LOL]

  3. Hi, I'm Heather and thanks for following my blog. It's been nice to find a blog from someone closer to my age dealing with ms, so thanks for writing! :D

    I hate a messy kitchen too, so I decided now was as good a time as any to stop being a creeper and introduce myself. Sadly I am not OCD enough to keep on top of it when I'm busy, and my cooking space gets out of control for a few days at a time when I have too much work to do.

  4. Lisa...I do know what spic and span is but I have a feeling my students would look at me with blank stares :)


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