Wednesday, December 23

13th Tysabri Infusion...I think its 13...or maybe 12

I am currently miserable. I had my 13th (I think...I lost count) infusion yesterday and all went well. Had bloodwork done also at the lab so I got 2 nice bruises on my arms. I went to bed early last night because I was exhausted.

Woke up this morning in pain, everything hurt and everything still hurts. Every muscle, every joint, every inch of my aches. Strange. My brother decided to be a complete ass today, he is 19, and so instead of being able to drive separately to the wake, we had to go with separately my parents. I tried to explain that I felt like shit and it would prob. make more sense for me to go so I could leave early and avoid staying for 3+ hours. No one seemed to listen until about 20 minutes into the wake my mom apparently noticed that me standing was a bad combination and I was quickly given the keys to the car and go to go hang on the couch at my grandparents. When every joint throbs its hard to stand and pretend like everything is peachy. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow, it is Christmas Eve tomorrow for goodness sakes.

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