Sunday, December 20

Long Day...

I had no intentions on posting anything lately...but today was a weird day.

My family was on our way to my grandparents. My grandpas sister and her husband live next door, and have for ever. Today my great uncle, my grandpas sister husband, collapsed as he stepped outside of there house to go to lunch. We found out on our way to my grandparents. We still went. Paramedics worked on him outside in the snow, but he was gone. He was 86. My grandpa held him as he died. As we pulled into my grandparents you could see the spot, all the snow compacted down...We were supposed to visit them today, I hadn't seen them since the summer...guess plans change.

It was a long day. It was a long day for my great aunt. She and her husband were married 63 years. 4 hours after he died...she had a heart attack. Shes in stable condition. I can't imagine losing a sole mate.

Tysabri on Tuesday. I'm going to stay with Steph tomorrow...should be fun.

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  1. My condolences.

    I imagine the soul mate bit... That is so crushing--


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