Friday, June 1

A Quiet Return Back To Blogging

My last blog post was November 11th, 2010 and that seems like ages ago. Truth be told taking a sidestep giant leap away from the blog may have been one of the best things I did. I am oh so grateful that I did not delete it even though I don't think I could ever go back and read though those posts. I'm pretty sure I've grown leaps and bounds from the last time I hit publish and I'm excited to share what's been going on.

I am in such a great place in my life now, and I'm just beyond happy and grateful for everything in my life. No, I didn't overdose on a happy pills...I just decided that I had enough with the unhappiness in my life and that I was the only one that could change that.
A oh-so happy picture seemed fitting.
I got back into fitness and really worked hard to get a job that I can say I am happy in. I take pride in putting out amazing work and after a year at the company I was surprised when I was awarded a fancy plaque at the annual holiday party. My coworkers had nominated me for showing "adaptability and flexibility" in my position and it was great to receive a little pat on the back for all my hard work. Of course, that award also came with a few gift cards that I used to purchase a oh so incredibly fancy road bike.

This road bike is how I plan on achieving one very cool goal - a century ride. You see in January when I was registering my team for the MS walk I pointed out to my boyfriend (don't worry - I'll get to him in a bit) that while the walk is a tradition with my friends that I actually have always wanted to do the 100 mile bike challenge. Of course this was pre-fancy bike and as soon as I though out the fact that I wanted to do that ride my boyfriend quickly responded "so do it." Apparently the universe agreed and sure enough within two weeks I had been awarded enough money for my fancy bike. I've thrown myself into cycling and I love having a new goal to work towards.

Last weekend I even competed in my very first bike race (first race of any kind!!) and had a blast. Sure, I didn't come anywhere close to first but the fact that I was out there and kicking butt was great. Oh and I totally won my age group because I was the only one registered in it.

I've been incredibly blessed in the past year and a half and have finally learned how to enjoy life, even when things don't go as planned.

Last May, I met my boyfriend. We just celebrated one very happy year together. He's kinda the icing on the cake in my life, everything is just sweeter when hes around. As my family would say I haven't done anything but smile since he came into the picture. So meet Erik. He's basically pretty darn awesome and I have nothing but very nice things to say about him.
That's us in fact - that was the first time I had ever been to NYC...since then I've been once more. Turns out NYC is kinda cool. Oh and even though it looks like he has a earring he totally doesn't - that's just a silly reflection. 
Erik will also be riding with me in this century this July. We will be conquering the Bike MS - Fingerlakes Challenge together and I am pretty stoked and not at all nervous (<-- Complete lie). Erik is a mountain biker but luckily for me he has made the switch one day a week to ride long, hill filled, rides with me. Turns out I am a complete ball of fun on long rides...and I've only cried twice on various hills. I'm starting to think he only comes with me because of the homemade cookies I bribe him with.

So yeah...that's life...a year and a half later after I last pushed published.

I'm not quite sure what my plans for blogging are I had the urge to write and so I did...maybe it will happen sometime soon.

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