Thursday, May 13

Did I ever mention...

That I graduated? Oh yeah, I know you all had your calendars marked...for Mother's Day that is. Yup, graduation on Mother's Day. I am too tired for the whole typing thing so we will relive the day in pictures and captions...

 Surprising we were able to find each in the mob of people after graduation...if you notice we are all looking different directions, our families were all taking our picture at the same time :)

My tassel has gone M.I.A in this shot...I swear I did actually graduate.

My grandparents came to watch me graduate! My grandpa gave me super cute yellow roses, it was so cute.

Me and my parents...The first thing I said to my mom when I saw her was "hey, isn't that my shirt!"

My brother looks so happy to see me...poor guy had to sit through th 2 1/2 hour ceremony and everything...

Ok, so this picture isn't from graduation but when I first moved in my dad and I stood in front of the clock-tower and my mom snapped a picture before they left me for good. It only seemed wise to get a picture in the same spot four years later.

The only problem was that when the above one was taken it was like 85 degrees...the one on graduation day was taken with a 35 degree temperature and with a good 30-40 mile per hour winds. Needless to say I had to convince my dad to take off his jacket and we I danced around trying to keep warm as my brother tried to figure out the camera. Then of course we had to wait for the perfect moment to snap a picture without a huge gust of wind threatening to blow up my skirt (oh yeah believe me...that happened a few times that weekend)...

I've been home for a week and I am still unpacking. Luckily I get to head back to Rochester in the morning for some errands and to pick of my diploma. Then its off to the MS clinic for my monthly dose of Tysabri. Hopefully Steph and I will hit up the Lilac Festival Saturday before heading out to Jess's grad party Saturday night.


  1. Congratulations on graduating!

  2. Congratulations! I know how exciting it is to BEGIN a new chapter! Good for you!

    Love all the pictures and the captions. =)


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