Monday, January 11

Back to school...

Well today I start my first day of classes for my last semester of my undergrad degree. My schedule isnt my favorite...

M/W : Modern Art : 2:30 - 3:45
M : Advanced Computer Systems : 6 - 8:40

T/Th : History of Fashion : 10:35 - 12:-05
T : Entrepreneurship II : 6 - 8:40
Th: Elementary Statistics : 4 - 6:55

F : No classes

Ok, in the past I would have been jumping up and down at this schedule but I am not this semester. It's not like I sleep in super late, and I get up to go to the gym every morning and I am usually on a machine by 8:30. So...all this free time is one major plus. The downfall is that I am way more awake in the morning, so I guess I will start taking Ritalin again. I haven't taken it since I was student teaching in November. I would rather not take it but I think that is the only way I will be able to form complete, coherent and well thought out sentences.

I just can't believe I graduate in May...

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