Thursday, January 14

My Thursday Mission

So, I mighta sorta kinda dropped my History of Fashion class. Within five minutes of that class on Tuesday I was in full out panic mode, looking for the that big red stop button somewhere under the desk to just make time stop. The funny thing was that it was supposed to be a "fun" elective for me...well, ha ha ha, I was horribly wrong. It was the complete opposite...we were handed this syllabus and a giant packet of words that would be memorized (I'm sorry but I do not see why I need to know the formal definition for a corset, unless it is going to be showing up as a question at a bar trivia night). The packet was huge, the whole course was group work. OK, I am a senior and the class was almost all freshman/ just wasn't my cup of tea. So, I dropped it. It is funny how my stress just instantly dropped when I pushed the drop button online.

So now I have four classes, and sure, 12 credit hours could be sign of slackerism, but I love it. I get to work out in the mornings and just be calm. Sure, in a few weeks I will be scratching at the walls just itching for something to do.

Anyways, I seem to be distracted from my original reason for posting. My Thursday mission involved tweezers, my eyebrows and some good lighting as well as a mirror. It is pretty amazing how much my intention tremors (I believe that is the technical term...but don't quote me)stand out when I take a tweezers to such a small area. Obviously preciseness is key, but holy crapola it is hard. I mean it was never easy, but when your hand is bouncing up and down, exactness is certainly not easy. Anyways, I finally accomplished the task at hand, it took a while...but its just another thing to add to the "Reasons Why MS and I Do Not Get Along" List...maybe I'll make a copy for my doctor...I have my semi-annual visit next Wednesday. Which reminds me I need to start thinking of some great questions to ask. I am a bit nervous, I am going alone, because I am a stubborn, stubborn, 21 year old who thinks she can do anything and everything without any help or anyone to hold her hand. At least I can admit that...

So...fellow bloggers...I'm wondering what kind of questions are even supposed to be asked...maybe they are so obvious I am missing something. I have to start doing the whole proactive thing in this battle...I just don't know where to start...


  1. Well, bring a list, because you WILL forget if you don't. It never fails, when I forget my list, I forget my questions in the course of our initial conversation.

    You might start with how you are doing on any meds that you are now taking, including over-the-counter meds and those prescribed by anyone else. Also tell him/her whether you've been compliant or not.

    You could mention what you're doing (at school), and how you're getting by with your symptoms, what is affecting your daily life.

    Of course, you want to mention any new symptoms you've noticed (since your last visit), and how you've been managing them. This would include things you're not sure are MS-related.

    But you probably already knew all that, didn't you?

  2. Thanks Webster...I always say I am going to make a list but then I forgot until I am sitting in the waiting room :).

  3. Go it alone. That's not stubborn. If that's your way, that's your way.

    I envy you the going to college. I wish I could just go back. I understand dropping the course but History of Fashion sounds great to me right about now. Enjoy yourself all semester!


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