Wednesday, January 27

Countdown to Charolette has begun!

I don't even know if I had mentioned this before but I am flying to Charlotte this Friday morning, and I couldn't be any more excited. My cousin and his wife are having a baby later this year, but their baby shower is Saturday. They got married when I was a junior in college and between my and my brothers schedule we were unable to go due to college stuff. My cousin is on my father side and my brother and I are the youngest by like a good 15+ years to our other cousins on that side, but I am soo stoked to see my cousin and his wife.

My mom is going with me, so we leave Friday morning and get back late Sunday night. It should be a fun weekend.

In other news...I have been feeling alot better...tired, but I am pretty sure thats to be expected. I also have started really eliminating all the junk in my diet. Back to the whole eating yogurt once a day, and an actual good breakfast, more fiber and a whole heck of alot more water (thanks to this very cute water bottle that I can drag around to me to class and not worry about it leaking in my bag). I had Zumba last night and I went with one of my roommates and OMG that is one crazy workout. It is a blast though, so I'll hit the gym tonight and tomorrow morning and then work one packing tomorrow.

I went to the Record Archive this morning and wandered around aimlessly. $5 used just cant go wrong. Its like 5 minutes away from my school so its perfect and I only have one class today so it was even more perfect. I had a gift certificate from one of my roommates for that store, so I got to use that up and some. I ended up with three cds: Cartel - Chroma & The Ransom [EP] , as well as Michelle Branch - Hotel Paper (I always liked her music but I just never committed to buying for $5 bucks it was well worth it).

Now I off to listen to some music and read some blogs...hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday!

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