Tuesday, February 2

Oh Charlotte

(picture - from right to left - Myself, Kelly and my Mom)

Charlotte shuts down when it snows. Luckily we got in early Friday, otherwise we would have been stranded in Kentucky. It was a quiet weekend and my mom and I managed to catch all of our connections which is always a plus. Ate some weird food - my cousins are into the whole vegetarian/vegan lifestyle so that was a bit different. Of course now it has sparked my interest so I may eventually move more towards that kind of lifestyle.

I am off to Zumba though very shortly, so that should be a butt kicking working a blast. Then class tonight and then Lost (which my roommate is having her Aunts over for a bit of a Lost party - sadly I can't say I am a Lost fanatic but I will suck it off and put on my "I (heart) Lost" face for tonight).

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